17 truths about being in your late twenties


As we mature, we get to know ourselves better. We become more comfortable in our skin knowing who we are, what we like and dislike and what is best for us. Now I’m in my late 20s, my life is less about nightclubbing and more like this…

You don’t follow trends

You know what suits you, and don’t feel the need to keep up with the latest hair craze (wtf are sand art, split hair and blotox, anyway?) or fashion fad to fit in. If jeans, a white tee and studded boots is your go-to outfit, you’ll keep on wearing it – thank you very much.

You don’t give a sh%# what people think anymore

There was once a time when you dressed to impress and went out to pick up, but now that’s just waaay too much effort. You’re also over trivial gossip and he-said-she-said conversations. Plus, dancing like an idiot is just too much damn fun.

The size on the tag doesn’t matter

The fact that you have clothes ranging from size 6 to 12 means absolutely nothing, except that the fashion industry is very inconsistent, and somewhat confusing. What matters is how the clothes look on, and how you feel in them. So when you’re in a changing room, don’t feel bad about asking someone to grab you that dress in a larger size. It ain’t your fault!

You still get ID’d

Unlike your younger, more indignant self, you welcome the “do you have ID, miss? request with open arms. Thank god for skin care!

The gym is on your to-do list, but just not at the top

Right now, it’s more about Sunday brunches, climbing the career ladder, and savouring a glass of red at the end of the week. What’s the rush anyhow?

You have enough distance from your early twenties to realise you had NO IDEA what you were doing

And even though those years were pretty great, you’d never go back. Like, ever

You spend your money the way you want to

Girl, you work hard, so as long as you’re not behind in rent and can pay your bills, you splash that cash how you please. And yes, that is another new pair of shoes. What of it?

You’re close with your mum.


You barely listen to any new music (why do so many songs have sirens in them now?)

Iggy who?

With one exception….

Tay-tay 4eva.

You have a burning sense of house pride

Because you now own at least one piece of furniture that isn’t from Ikea or a curbside clean-up. You’ve graduated to West Elm, and it feels good. So good.

A good perfume is worth the price tag

You’ve finally learnt that investing in the high-quality stuff is actually worth it, and far more economical in the end because you don’t have to re-spritz every hour. Plus, how much do you treasure the gorgeous bottle?

bh loves: Tom Ford Black Orchid (Myer and David Jones), Yves Saint Laurent Cinema, Robert Piguet Petit Fracas (Amuse Beauty Studio)

Nothing makes you happier than staying in on a Saturday night 

You don’t need to justify why you’re choosing to put on your PJs, order pizza, pour a glass of red and watch reruns of Sex And The City over standing in a loud, crowded bar where the drinks are $11 a pop. 

Your friendship group gets smaller, but that’s totally okay

The friends you have in your late 20s are your true soulmates because they understand when life gets in the way and you’re too busy to hang. Anyone who makes you feel bad for saying no isn’t worth keeping around. 

You feel irrationally excited about new appliances 


Your boyfriend wears a smaller size than you do, and who cares

So you can’t squeeze a leg into his skinny jeans? Oh well. Men and women are built differently, and clothing silhouettes reflect that. You’ve got hips for a reason, and he loves you for it. 

Comfort trumps all

Heels get traded in for flats, skirts for jeans and our beauty regimes become less high-maintenance. Hey, being comfortable feels (and looks) good!

What did you (or do you) love about being in your late twenties?

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