5 unconventional spots to spray perfume


It’s fairly standard to spray perfume on your wrists and neck. But did you know there are several other long lasting – and, well, a little unconventional – spots to spritz your scent? Next time you’re getting ready, forgo your wrists and give these spots a whirl.

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#1 Inner thighs

A favourite of Halle Berry, applying perfume on your inner thighs will help to diffuse the fragrance without it becoming overwhelming. Before dressing, spray your favourite scent between your legs. The scent will travel up your body throughout the day, so you’ll smell delightful from morning all the way til night.  

bh recommends: Giorgio Beverly Hills,  Juicy Couture I LOVE JUICY COUTURE, Coach Eau  de ParfumGUESS DareChi Chi Watermelon Eau De Parfum

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#2 Cleavage

If you’re looking to draw in that special somebody – if you know what I mean – spritz your most desirable scent between your breasts. He won’t be able to resist you.

bh recommends: So…? Rock ‘n’ Roll In Love EDT, Britney Spears FantasyVivienne Westwood Flirty AliceRevlon Pink Happiness Delicate Moments

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#3 Stomach

A warm body temperature will work to diffuse your perfume, and even release certain notes that aren’t always discernable. Guess what? Your stomach is one of the warmest places on your body. Spray a little fragrance on your stomach for a unique, long-lasting scent.

bh recommends: Halston Woman AmberBeyoncé Rise SheerTory Burch Eau de ParfumInnoxa Gingham EDTValeur Absolue Harmonie

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#4 Hair

Have you noticed how your hair grabs hold of any scent? And you can’t get rid of it until you wash your hair? This is not so great when it’s cigarette smoke, but fabulous when it’s your favourite scent. Give your hair a subtle spritz with one of these hair perfumes before you leave the house or any of the scents below and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

bh recommends: Mariah Carey Forever, Vera Wang Hippie PrincessAvon Luck for Women EDPMOR Mon Amie Fragrance Mist – CèciliaMary Kay Thinking of You

#5 Back of knees

Like your wrists and neck, the back of your knees is also a pulse point. Spray here, and your body temperature will warm the fragrance, and move it upward so it envelops your entire body.

bh recommends: Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds EDTDonna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de ParfumMichael Kors Coral Eau de Parfum SprayTommy Hilfiger The Girl

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Do you spray your perfume in any of the above spots?  

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