Your Overnight Beauty Bag Essentials

Your Overnight Beauty Bag Essentials

Whether it’s an impromptu ‘sleepover’ with the guy you just met at the bar or a planned night in with someone you’ve been seeing, it pays to be prepared. Here are 12 overnight beauty bag essentials for a night at his place.

#1 Condoms

Protection first, duh. Even if you’re on the Pill or some other form of birth control, you shouldn’t leave it up to him to provide STD protection. Take responsibility of your own health, and don’t leave it in the (questionable) hands of someone you may have only just met. Plus, there’s nothing worse than running out of safety socks when you’re both up for round two!

Try: Durex have got you covered, literally.

#2 A toothbrush

Stale breath the morning after a night out is not how you want to be remembered. Save yourself from total embarrassment (and that horrible furry feeling!) by popping a toothbrush in your bag – you’ll both be thankful you did.

Try: Colgate 360 Deep Clean or Colgate’s Disposable Mini Brushes. Mmmm, minty fresh.

#3 Make-up remover

Trust us, you don’t want to be the girl who left an impression of her face on his pillow, nor do you want him to wake up next to a panda. Always, always, always take your make-up off before going to bed, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Try: Bioré Makeup Removing Wipes with Green Tea – they’ll instantly dissolve dirt and make-up, leaving you a bare, fresh-faced beauty.

#4 Feminine wipes

They’re not the prettiest thing in your kit, we know, but these specially-made wipes are necessary. Feeling less-than-fresh downstairs can really affect your confidence, so it’s a good idea to give your lady parts a quick once over to quash any insecurities.

Try: Vagisil Gentle & Soothing Wipes will soothe your delicate bits and bring back your mojo.

#5 Dry shampoo

Well, you’ll need something to nix the oil that built up when you two got hot and heavy (and sweaty) in the boudoir….

Try: Ambiance has a huge collection of dry shampoos for different hair colours that is non-aerosol. Choose one that suits, and it’ll work to soak up the grease and give you some va-va-volume.

#6 A brush

And on that note of sex hair… While the idea of voluminous bedhead hair sounds sexy, it’s actually just one big, bad bird’s nest. Your hair has literally never known such tangles. Without shampoo and conditioner on hand, a detangling brush is your second best option.

Try: Lady Jayne Tangleze. It’s compact, so won’t take up room in your bag, and it’ll help smooth out your strands for a more manageable morning.

#7 BB cream

So, you don’t want to wear a full face of make-up to bed (good girl), but you’re also not ready to bare it all just yet. What do you do? Compromise and wear a BB cream, that’s what! Apply for coverage, moisture and a radiant glow, plus a dose of SPF protection from those (painfully) bright morning rays.

Try: Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream and get the base you need to feel like new again.

#8 Deodorant

Smelly pits are not conducive to a follow-up call or text, so arm yourself with a hard-working anti-perspirant.

Try: NIVEA Stress Protect Roll On for Women. Specifically targeting emotional and thermal sweating, it’s like it was made for this moment.

#9 Something to nix aches and pains

If you both had a little bit too much fun when you were out last night (drinks + dancing = good times), you know you’re going to be paying for it spectacularly in the AM. Nothing stops you from feeling fresh like a headache or some achy joints. Before going to sleep, drink a big glass of water to up your hydration levels, and place another by your bedside – along with some aspirin, just in case.

Try: If you wake up feeling a little achy from dancing the night away, Nurofen Zavance Tablets will be your life-saver – pop two in the morning and get back to your regular self, sooner.

#10 Mascara and tinted lip balm

Forget lugging your entire make-up bag around – all you need are a few fixer-uppers. Mascara will brighten your tired eyes and a tinted lip balm will moisturise lips chapped from too much kissing. Plus, the hint of tint will give your lips that just-bitten effect.

Try: COVERGIRL Natural Lash Mascara. It’s lightweight, clear and has a conditioning gel formula for lashes that aren’t too over the top. Oh, and it can be used to tame rouge eyebrows.

#11 Perfume

Don’t overpower the guy first thing in the morning with fruity florals and musky scents. After all, you want to smell sweet, but not like a candy shop. 

Try: L’Occitane Fragrance Touch. Why? Since it’s in gel form, the scent melts into your skin, so it won’t be totally obvious when you jump back into bed after needing to just ‘use the loo’.

#12 A fresh pair of undies

Last but not least, you might not want to stash an emergency pair of knickers in your handbag, but trust us, you’re going to feel one hundred and one times better changing into the clean, comfy pair in the morning.

Do you have anything else in your overnight bag?

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