Vox pop: sun scents

Vox pop: sun scents

The easiest way to bring a little sunshine into your life is with a quick spritz of a summery scent. This week we quizzed bh members on the ultimate scent that takes them back, back to the summer of ’69.

“The fragrance in my heavily stocked perfume cupboard that takes me back to summertime is from the Estee Lauder range, Pleasures Exotic. It is a fusion of mango passion fruit cocktail, juicy citrus fruits and watery lychee combined with island bamboo flowers, orange blossom and dewy bougainvillea vine. So delectable, it makes me think of a tropical island when I smell it! My mum bought it for me for Christmas last year and if I am ever blue about it being cold in Melbourne I spray that on and I have a summer smell for a day at least!” – sharna2

“I like lighter fragrances for summer.  Anything with a fruity start mixing to a floral base would be my pick. At the moment I’m wearing Romance by Ralph Lauren which is quite floral but still light enough.” – Princess75

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden.” – Catherine

Davidoff Cool Water Game reminds me of summer, as does Ralph Lauren Ralph… And Clinique Happy.” – Claire

Flower by Kenzo… so light and fruity, perfect for a summer afternoon with a glass of Pimm’s!”- Kirsten

Alchimie by Rochas. It reminds me of spending my birthday (which is always very hot and a tradition for me to jet off somewhere) in a tropical location – Fiji, Noosa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu – with my boyfriend, family and friends, drinking, laughing, playing guitar around a bonfire and dancing the night away!” – Vanessa

Daisy reminds me of last summer when I got it as soon as it came out…and makes me think I cannot wait for this summer to start as I wear it today!” – Nat

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Lovely by SJP. It transports me right back to summer in my shared house during my third year of uni. The sun’s shining, my huge bay windows are open and I’m getting ready for yet another carefree day in the park – bliss.” – Sarah, bh Editorial Assistant

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