Top 200 beauty products under $20 – Fragrance

Top 200 beauty products under $20 – Fragrance

Whether for yourself or your home, if you’re after a head-turning fragrance, don’t turn your nose up at the cheaper options, because they’re packing just as much goodness as the rest. Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the best fragrance buys as part of our Top 200 Beauty Products under $20. Go on, take a big whiff.

Chi Chi Marshmallow Eau De Parfum, $19.95

“This perfume has great long lasting power. After a long hot day in an Aussie summer weather you can still smell it on the skin! Definitely a winner in my books.” – bh member Milliescarlett

L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume, $16

“I am definitely in love with this Cherry Blossom solid perfume! The aroma comes out as soon as I open the lid. Nice, natural and womanly – without being over the top. It’s easy to apply and smells divine!” – bh member Sakura783

Glasshouse Tahaa Vanilla Caramel Triple Scented Miniature Candle, $18.95

“I lit this in my bedroom and within minutes I could smell the delicious, burnt caramel/butterscotch fragrance. The intensity of the scent alone makes these candles outstanding value for money, not to mention the longevity and the beautiful reusable jars. I only bought it three days ago, but I’m already going back for more! I can’t believe I never tried Glasshouse candles before, I have been missing out!” – bh member Catn2kittens

So…? Eternal, $14.95

“It smells divine – fresh and exotic. I wear it almost everyday and it lasts a long time especially if sprayed in your hair.” – bh member Thegirlhannah

Glasshouse Fragrances Rio De Janeiro Passionfruit & Lime Triple Scented Miniature Candle, $18.95

“Oh my GOD it is the most beautiful, sublime fruity scent. Fresh, bold and super strong. Every single Glasshouse candle I purchase does not disappoint, I just adore them! Even when you get right down to the very bottom of the candle it still smells like the first day you purchased it.” – bh member MsSparkles

Dettol Glen 20 Spray Disinfectant, $6.99

“I absolutely LOVE the scent of Glen 20, I cannot get enough! I spray it everywhere! It helps to stop spread germs. I use it all the time – in the bathroom, in the kitchen, even in the bedroom!” – bh member Peace.Love.Empathy.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite fragrance products under $20?

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*Star rating is correct as of 14/10/2015.

**Prices are correct as of 14/10/2015

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