Think before you spritz…


I have a question for you, beauties: where exactly do you apply your perfume each day?

Now, I know this is a complete stab in the dark, but I’m going to guess that most of you answered one or all of the following: “On my neck, décolletage and behind my ears, Cherie.”

And if so, I would most likely respond by gasping in horror. Yes, horror.

Why? Your favourite juice is likely to contain alcohol, you see, which when applied to your exposed skin during daylight hours, causes it to be come oh-so-photosensitive to sunlight. This means your skin is more likely to suffer from sunburn, leading to wrinkles, pigmentation and possibly even skin cancer. (Now you understand the gasping in horror, right? Right.)

Grand ideas for safe fragrance application

Spray your perfume onto your wrists. (Just don’t rub them together – this bruises the notes, altering the scent.) Or, squirt your delicious smelling juice onto the skin under your clothes. (Avoid spraying it onto your actual clothes – fragrance can stain fabrics!) Heat helps emit the perfume from your body, so any bendy body parts like your inner elbows and knees are also wonderful places. Oh, and spritzing your fragrance on your hair does leave a lovely lingering scent, but the alcohol can also dry out your strands so be wary when doing so.

Sidenote: obviously you can go bonkers with your fragrance on your exposed areas at night, but it’s better to learn good habits now, and just avoid these body parts no matter what time of the day it is. You’ll still smell sensational, but you’ll be keeping your skin healthy, glowing and even-toned for longer.

Did you know applying fragrances to exposed skin during daylight hours is a very bad idea? Will you avoid doing so from now on?

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