The ultimate guide to fragrancing your home

The ultimate guide to fragrancing your home

We all know that scents have the ability to transport us to another time, to uplift us and to trigger our memory with just a single sniff. I bet when you think of fragrance you think of the kind that’s bound for your neck, not the kind you could be using in your home, right?

Fragrancing your home is the beauty equivalent to a serious renovation, that is, introducing a home fragrance into the mix can help to completely change your home by creating a specific atmosphere, consistently neutralising odours and helping to turn your house into a home.

Check out how and why you should be fragrancing your home…


Everyone loves a candle, don’t they? They’re romantic and provide a warming glow to any room. They add the ultimate finishing touch to any décor and work to provide a hint of subtle aroma that truly enriches the atmosphere. The best thing about candles is that they can create a specific atmosphere that coincides with whatever event you’re holding, depending on their scent. Discover which candles are best for the atmosphere you might be trying to create below…

You want the perfect candle for… your afternoon BBQ

Try: Circa Home Coconut & Orris Root Classic Candle
Why it’s perfect: containing a blend of high-quality coconut, vanilla and pineapple oils, this natural candle will transport you straight to a tropical island. Don’t forget your passport.

You want the perfect candle for… your elegant dinner party

Try: Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress Triple Scented Candle
Why it’s perfect: designed to be reminiscent of ‘The Big City’, this pure wax candle features notes of orchids, rose, musk and blood orange and will instantly turn up the sophistication levels.

You want the perfect candle for… your romantic night in

Try: Yankee Candle True Rose
Why it’s perfect: featuring notes of fragrant red roses, this tantalising candle is the perfect addition to any romance-filled room. Reow.


Diffusers are becoming the ultimate go-to product for home fragrancing due to their ability to consistently fill the room with a subtle scent. The reason the scents are so long lasting is due to the fact that the oils are more concentrated than what’s normally found in candles or perfumes. Once the wooden reeds are placed in the fragrance, they begin to absorb the scent instantly.  The reeds draw in the fragrance from inside the bottle, carry it to the surface of the reed and then release it into the air naturally. Diffusers are also popular as they’re flame-free, so there’s no fear of causing a fire, or
leaving them around children. Discover which diffusers we can’t get enough of…

You want the perfect diffuser to provide… a feminine scent

Try: Evodia Blush Diffuser
Why it’s perfect: with notes of pink honeysuckle, orange blossom and jasmine petals, this diffuser is the perfect gift to perk up any girl’s room.

You want the perfect diffuser to provide… a masculine scent

Try: Glasshouse Petra Vanilla Fig and Pepper Triple Strength Fragrance Diffuser
Why it’s perfect: perfect for the man that has everything, this bold diffuser features a blend of black pepper, tobacco flower, tonka bean and dried fig. Any man is sure to love this addition to his office or ‘man cave.’

You want the perfect diffuser to provide… an exotic feel to your home

Try: The Aromatherapy Co. Home Décor Belladonna & Fig Diffusion Set, (

Why it’s perfect: blended with sweet essential fragrances of belladonna and fig, this striking diffusion set is sure to delight your senses and score you a compliment (or ten) from your friends.


Room sprays are no longer just used to freshen up a room with artificial scents; they’ve come a long way over the last few years and are now capable of much, much more. From injecting energy into the air, to eliminating odours completely, a room spray should definitely be high up on your hit list – and we’ve got a couple that you’ll definitely want to invest in…

You want the perfect room spray to… eliminate an odour

Try: Ambi Pur Electrical, $8.99, 1800 201 418
Why it’s perfect: this little beauty doesn’t just neutralise odours, it completely eliminates them – thanks to it’s advanced odour elimination technology. This technology works to constantly freshen the air while eliminating odours for up to 80 days. It’s also available in awesome scents like meadows & rain and vanilla harmony.

You want the perfect room spray to… energise the room

Try: Molton Brown Thai Vert Air
Why it’s perfect: the perfect fusion of essential oils like lime, Indonesian patchouli and Moroccan eucalyptus means that this spicy, fresh scent is the perfect way to produce an energized, yet calming environment to any home with just a couple of spritzes.

You want the perfect room spray to… ‘perk up’ a gloomy room

Try: Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Home Fragrance Spray
Why it’s perfect: with a scent that’s reminiscent of a garden in full bloom, this Rosewater Home Fragrance Spray is the must-have ingredient to add an element of springtime to your home, even if the sun isn’t shining outside.

What is your favourite way to fragrance your home? Which product would you be most likely to try and why?

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