The nose knows

The nose knows

I have always been a fragrance fancier, as in, I loove perfumes when they’re spritzed on the sweet-smelling people walking by me, and I envy those same people for being able to pin-down the perfume that’s right for them.

How is it that a person and their scent can be brought together so seamlessly? It’s not as though we can find a fragrance that can seem so personalised to us and our lives that we make it our signature scent… can we?

La Prairie says yes! They have come out with a trio of perfect perfumes they call ‘Life Threads’, which are bound to have you captivated with their nostalgic notes and accompanying stories of romance, passion and empowerment. This perfume posse is designed to signify a certain moment in your life, to capture a memory similar to the way a charm bracelet does – but they’re nicer on the nostrils.

The fragrances come in Silver (an enchanting woody fragrance), Gold (a seductive, spicy oriental scent) and Platinum (an elegant and edgy floral fragrance). They are all seriously satisfying on the nose, but when I sniffed Silver, I knew my search was over! I’d finally found my scent soul mate. The notes remind me of being younger and having fun with my girlfriends, which makes me smile every time I wear it – which is exactly what a good perfume should do.

What is your signature scent?

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