Sunshine Cuties are sure to take Oz by storm

Sunshine Cuties are sure to take Oz by storm

We loved Harajuku Lovers and now Stefani has another suitably scent-sational offering in Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties…

The five fun and flirty new fragrances come complete with cute bikini and painted toes. You’re sure to fall in love with one of the sweet-smelling fashionistas. 


Love: fruity floral
Lil’ Angel: citrus vanilla
Music: sensuous floral
Baby: dewy floral
G: creamy musk

The bad news: no point in begging Santa to add a last-minute addition to your Christmas list, they’re not going to be out in time to arrive in your Christmas stocking. Word is, they launch in the US in February 2010 for a limited time only. Beautyheaven’s insider is calling on Coty to confirm if and when the fragrances will hit Australian shores. Stay tuned for confirmation.

My sights are set on Lil’ Angel or Baby. Will you be adding one of these cossie-clad scents to your 2010 wish list?

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