Your perfect fragrance, according to your star sign


Are you yet to find your signature fragrance? 

Well, your star sign could be the key.

Fragrance company Demeter (who are famous for releasing quirky scents) has just released a collection of 12 perfumes, each reflecting a specific astrological sign. 

So, how does Demeter know what an Aries should smell like? 

Speaking to, CEO of Demeter Fragrance Library Mark Crames says there was a method to the madness.

“We chose fragrances that we thought were fun and corresponded with personality traits, symbols, or tendencies generally associated with each sign,” he explains.

“For example, the symbol of Gemini is the Twins, which is characterised as a versatile dual sign. 

Demeter’s Moonbeam scent captures the dual nature of the moonbeam, reflecting both innocence of night and passion of light, which we thought corresponded well with the sign’s description.”

Riiight. This seems a bit out there, even for bh – but I have to admit the fragrances are still pretty appealing!

If you’re curious to know what your own star sign smells like, here’s a brief synopsis of Demeter’s Zodiac Collection:

  • Aries: Rain. “Just like the Ram, Rain is dynamic and mysterious.”
  • Taurus: Giant Sequoia. “A bold, fresh, floral, and woody scent, Giant Sequoia is stable and strong, just like the bull.”
  • Gemini: Moonbeam. “Expressive and versatile, Moonbeam celebrates Gemini’s dual sign.”
  • Cancer: Ocean. “Ocean celebrates this water sign’s devotion and charm.”
  • Leo: Sunshine. “Fiery and bright, Sunshine celebrates this Lion – the star.”
  • Virgo: Sandalwood. “It has been said that perfectionist Virgos prefer scents that are clean, sensual, subtle, earthy, and fresh.”
  • Libra: Mountain Air. “This fresh, clean, crispy Mountain Air scent celebrates the cool and even-keeled Libra.”
  • Scorpio: Lotus Flower. “This water flower celebrates Scorpio’s determination, resourcefulness, and resilience.”
  • Sagittarius: Vetiver. “Just like the inquisitive, energetic, and philosophical Archer, vetiver has a rich and fascinating history.”
  • Capricorn: Dirt. “The earthiness of this fragrance celebrates the grounded and gregarious Capricorn.”
  • Aquarius: Linen. “Linen celebrates Aquarians’ uncanny ability to see both sides of a situation and a world of possibilities, making them excellent problem-solvers.”
  • Pisces: Salt Air. “Salt Air celebrates the easygoing, gentle, and quiet empathy of the Pisces.”

With the fragrance profile ‘Dirt’, Capricorns have clearly lucked out here. Sorry, guys.

Does your zodiac sign seem to match up with its Demeter scent? Do you have a signature fragrance?

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