6 unexpected fragrances to spritz this spring


Here at bh, we’re a bit rebellious. We like to break the rules – especially when it comes to beauty.

So although spring is usually about light, fruity and floral fragrances, we’ve rounded up some slighter heavier, more indulgent scents for you to consider. It’s healthy to spice things up!

Click through our gallery to discover spring’s most unusual, captivating and non-basic scents. 

Tom Ford, Noir Pour Femme

(50mL, $165, available from David Jones)

The original version of this citrus and spice scent was created for men, but since so many women love wearing masculine notes, the company decided to tweak the potent formula to make it a little more girly. But just a little. They added a sweet pistachio note, and loads of amber.  

Byredo, Blanche

(100mL, $235, available from Mecca Cosmetica)

Unless you have synesthesia, colours don’t have scents. But creator Ben Gorham says Blanche has been built around the perception of the colour white, using white rose, light woods and aldehyde. The result is sharp and pure, and as Ben says, “simple in structure but extreme in character”. 

Marc Jacobs, Decadence

(30mL, $100, available early November)

If you’re one for dramatic entrances, then spritz on some Decadence! Initially, the scent reminds us of a plummy, rich and sugary drink, but when sprayed on the skin, it warms up and gets soft and powdery. Then, that sweetness gives way to a deep and creamy jasmine.  

Vilhelm Parfumerie Smoke Show

($180mL, $235, available from vilhelmparfumerie.com)

Because we all have those nights where we want to channel 1920s Gatsby allure in a jazz club.

Savour the spicy pink pepper and saffron notes, which combine with earthy leather and cedarwood for one seriously sensual fragrance. Spritz it, then notice how the scent shifts and changes, and never seems to smell the same twice.  

Giorgio Armani Prive la Collection Eclat de Jasmin

(100mL, $258, available from David Jones)

Based on Egyptian jasmine, this perfume is full, open, and rich – like smelling flowers in the morning. Bulgarian rose and plum contrast with the warm roots of Indonesian patchouli and an amber base. 

Magnolia Grandiflora Sandrine

($185, available from David Jones)

The composition of this perfume is a symphony of bracing chords. At the top, citrus, grapefruit and pepper lend themselves to the dry woods and greenery of the heart, while the base notes envelop the senses with musk and the scent of the ocean. This fragrance will give you an unexpected sensory shock. 

What’s your go-to fragrance for spring?

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