Your scentoscope

Your scentoscope

I have a friend who swears she can pick a star sign within five minutes. A Scorpio will spill the details of her love life in seconds, a Virgo will be patient enough to listen and me, well, she says I’m a true Aquarian because I own the most complex and zippered handbags in history, but never, ever know where anything is (something about understanding order but being almost allergic to it). And though I prefer to play the sceptic, I’m always secretly impressed by her accuracy. It’s uncanny.

But here’s one thing my stargazing friend doesn’t know: that my Aquarian wrists should smell of chamomile and eucalyptus. Well that’s the theory behind Soular Therapy’s Astrological Aromatherapy fragrances anyway. Plucking flowers and herbal essences to suit each sign of the zodiac, these Heavenly Body EDTs are said to awaken and unleash the power of the stars – or at least make a cute, personalised gift.

My star-aligned scent of Aquarius sounds nice enough, but I fancy the Cancerian’s white rose with jasmine or Scorpio’s ginger and geranium blend best. You can check out your own Astrological Aromatherapy scentoscope on Forget picking a sign within five minutes, you’ll be able to sniff them out at fifty paces…

PS: You can find your Heavenly Body EDT at 

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