The habits of a beauty junkie


Obsessed with beauty? The first step is admitting you have a problem. Here are 16 telltale signs you’re a bona fide beauty addict…

Oh, and if you nod your head to most (or all) of these, a very warm welcome to club!

Even though we started getting ready four hours ago, we’re still not ready.

You can’t rush perfection.

Want to know what perfume that girl who just walked by is wearing? We can tell you.

Britney Spears Circus Fantasy is spritzed more often than you think. It’s a gift.

We have never felt prouder than the day we perfected winged liner.

And very nearly ruined it with tears of joy!

Our other half doesn’t understand why we need 11 red lipsticks.

But they are all very different shades. Obviously.

The staff at Mecca know us by name.

They also have our favourites listed on file. NARS Laguna, forever.

We talk about nail polish names, not shades.  

“Dont you just looove my You Are So Outta Lime! / Today I Accomplished Zero / I Eat Mainly Lobsters mani?” The enthusiasm is unparalleled.

Nothing crushes our soul more than seeing this:

This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

bh tip: Fix it by adding a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol and smooth it out with your fingers. Let it dry for a few hours and it’ll be like new again.

Getting to the airport early is the best.

Two words: DUTY FREE.

And our bag is 7kg heavier thanks to all the beauty we’re bringing.

Sunscreen can be so heavy.

We can name a MAC lipstick shade on sight alone

Morange, Rebel, Ruby Woo, Myth, Candy Yum-yum… Yep, it’s a talent.

Thursday night is strictly tanning night.

We’re not available for playdates, sorry (not sorry).

The backs of our hand are multi-coloured more often than not.

They’re not stains, they’re swatches. It’s important to try before you buy. Duh.

We still cleanse, tone and moisturise when we stumble in at 2am.

We’re a dedicated bunch. And no one likes waking up with panda eyes.

Our products have taken over the bathroom, so we’ve had to branch out…

The spare bedroom is officially now the “beauty room”. No boys allowed.

There are more beauty products in the fridge than food.

Sorry, your milk will have to go elsewhere.

The words “limited edition” send us into a frenzy

Our advice? Never get in the way of a woman and her quest for the latest limited-edition palette.

Are you a self-confessed beauty junkie?

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