The Most Popular ’90s Perfumes Have Been Revealed

90s perfumes

Love a hit of nostalgia? Then get ready to take a trip down memory lane with the most popular ’90s perfumes.

As far as iconic beauty moments go, the ’90s had it made. From skinny brows to brown lipsticks, it was a decade we’ll never forget.

But do you remember the fragrance you wore? Perhaps it smells like teen spirit?

If your memory is hazy, The Perfume Shop is here to help. To mark its 30th anniversary, they revealed the top fragrances from the past 30 years. And the ’90s was certainly a milestone moment…

#1 Thierry Mugler Angel EDT

90s perfume angel theirry mugler

Launched: 1992

The bottle may have been updated and some of the notes may be different, but Thierry Mugler’s Angel remains one of the most popular and well-known perfumes in the world. 2022’s take is classified as a floral, gourmand and fruity scent, that’s as captivating as its history.

$133 (50ml) at Myer

#2 CK One EDT

90s perfume ck one

Launched: 1994

Anyone else immediately picture Kate Moss in denim when they think of this scent? Same. It was one of the first openly marketed ‘unisex’ beauty products and gender aside, it’s still considered a ‘fragrance for all’. A lot of memories (and ex-boyfriends) manifest when we get a whiff of this one.

$89 (200ml) at Chemist Warehouse

#3 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male EDT

90s perfume jean paul gaultier

Launched: 1995

As far as popular ’90s perfumes for men go, this dense and bold spritz was revolutionary for its time. Fresh yet sweet, it blurred the lines of what a traditional masculine fragrance should be. It’s mint, orange blossom and sandalwood mix is still available in true form today.

$137 (125ml) at Chemist Warehouse

#4 Hugo Boss Boss Bottled EDT

90s perfume hugo boss

Launched: 1998

Another scent that’s remained relatively untouched since its debut. Unapologetically masculine, it features a large portion of woody notes with a sprinkle of citrus openers.

$105 (50ml) at Myer

Did you wear any of these popular ’90s perfumes? What did you wear during the decade?

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  1. I don’t recall wearing much perfume in the 90’s except loads of impulse spray. I do recall Charlie Revlon fragrance being pretty popular, I can’t help but feel like it is old ladies perfume now.

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