The perfumes the beautyheaven team wore as teens

The perfumes the beautyheaven team wore as teens

Can you recall the perfumes that smell like your teenage years? We bet they’re heavy on the fruity and floral notes. They’re also probably sickly sweet and in glitzy, over-the-top bottles. Sound about right? Does to us!

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Here at beautyheaven, we’ve been reliving our teenage years by recalling what scents we were obsessed with at the time. From Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl to Britney Spears’ Curious we’ve got all your favourite throwbacks covered.

Find out if your teenage scent made the list, here….

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC EDP

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC EDP ($29.99,

I’m unsure if it was the repetitive acronyms, that it fit within my limited budget or the fact that I totally thought I was embodying Carrie Bradshaw despite not even understanding what a Manolo Blahnik was, but my fifteen year old self was feeling this fragrance. The fact that my high school boyfriend told me I smelled like strawberry shortcake (specific, I know) sealed the deal and I still grab a refill every so often in the name of nostalgia. – bh’s Delaney

Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette

“As a teen, I was OBSESSED with Vera Wang Princess. It’s a powdery, fruity-floral fragrance that made me feel so feminine when I wore it. I also had no control over my sweet tooth back then, so I think that I was drawn to the idea of spritzing myself with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Although it’s a little sweet for me now, I still own and love this whimsical fragrance. I keep the heart shaped bottle next to my jewellery collection in my bedroom.” – bh’s Sophie

“I was really into sweet scents (this was a given, lollies were a staple in my diet!) and I remember how excited I was when I got this. I thought the bottle was the fanciest thing in the world with the crown on top being removable. Yes, I wore the crown as a ring at times and yes, I absolutely felt like a sweet-smelling princess with every spritz of this perfume!” – bh’s Rachel

Britney Spears Fantasy

“I was obsessed with Fantasy by Britney Spears and Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love body mist.” – bh’s Jess

DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum Spray

“I loved the DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum Spray. I enjoyed the light, summery, floral scent. It wasn’t strong at all and was the perfect fit for a teenage girl who was just getting into perfume. It had cute packing and I also felt super grown up carrying it around in my bag!” – bh’s Tiarne

Revlon Charlie Red

“Takes me down memory lane…

Charlie Red and Charlie White (by Revlon)

Sunflowers (by Elizabeth Arden)

Jessica McClintock

The Body Shop Dewberry

Don’t even think that any of these exist anymore LOL!!!” bh’s Deb

Britney Spears Curious

“I was obsessed with Britney Spears’ Curious! I received a tiny 2mL sample with Girlfriend magazine and absolutely loved it. My mum gifted me the perfume the following Christmas and I thought I was so grown up whenever I wore it. Ah Britney..still kinda love it.” – bh’s Tash

“Like every other girl growing up in the 90s I idolised Britney Spears so it made sense that my first fragrance purchase as a teen would be her inaugural fragrance ‘Curious’ in the early 2000s. The sickly sweet scent still to this day conjures memories of those early teen years and although I like to think my fragrance tastes have matured since then I wouldn’t say no to a sneaky spritz now and then.” – bh’s Sam

Calvin Klein CK One

200mL, $49,

“Ohh the memories come floating back, mine was CK one, when I smell it today, it reminds me of my teen years. It launched in 1994 and I felt so cool wearing it because it was one of the first fragrances for men and women so my boyfriend and I had the same fragrance…… so lame!” bh’s Marie

Ralph by Ralph Lauren

100mL, $130,

“The first fragrance I ever obsessed over was the classic 2000s scent Ralph by Ralph Lauren. My love for the fragrance began when I was 13 and I caught a whiff of it on a girl a few years above me at high school. I thought everything this girl did was the epitome of cool, so when I found out what her scent was, I immediately began begging my parents to get it for me for Christmas. Luckily they obliged and I wore it every single day for years onwards, usually paired with far too much eyeliner, a Roxy hoodie and skin-tight Face Off jeans (face palm). Now each time I catch the fresh, floral, fruity scent, I’m reminded of all my teenage memories – my first kiss, going to the movies and hitting up the local jump disco with my friends and heading out on the water in my dad’s boat. I’ll always treasure it!” – bh’s Kate

“Ralph by Ralph Lauren – ah even looking up the bottle today takes me straight back to high school! I remember feeling so cool getting my first bottle of real perfume and absolutely loved wearing this scent every day. I love that fragrance can transform your confidence, just like fashion can. “ – bh’s Aja

“Ralph – it was my fav LOL “ bh’s Alicia

Marc Jacobs Daisy

100mL, $120,

“Marc Jacobs Daisy because the bottle is cute AF, it smelled super fresh and not like an old lady, and literally all my friends wore it so…I did too hahaha” – bh’s Lauren

“OMG my first job throughout my teen years was at a perfume store so it changed all the time. The one that I remember most vividly though is this sickly sweet Roberto Cavalli fragrance that I made the leap to post Marc Jacobs Daisy. ALSO omg I still have my first fragrance ever. It was one of Gwen Stefani’s from when she was in her Kawaii phase – it’s called Harajuku Lovers ‘G’ and the bottle is a plastic blonde woman in fishnets lol.” – bh’s Zoë

Jennifer Lopez Live Eu de Parfum Spray

100mL, $24.99,

“It was the first perfume I bought with my pocket money, the scent was fresh and could get away with wearing it at school and made me feel like JLo.” bh’s Caitlin

Impulse body sprays

Available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths

“Impulse! Omg those used to be the days, when I sprayed it religiously to avoid body odour after P.E. I used to go through a bottle in two weeks and my mum would question why I used it so quickly!!” – bh’s Issy

“Impulse Vanilla for sickly sweet scent on school days and then The Body Shop Tea Rose Perfume Oil (now sadly discontinued) when feeling fancy – all I could afford on my Macca’s wages!” – bh’s Amber

“BRING SPICE GIRLS IMPULSE BACK!!!!!!!!!” – bh’s Nadine

The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil

“My mum let me have the remnants of her The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil once when I was a teenager and I was hooked straight away. I loved musk (and still do now). It was in a tiny little bottle so I used to take it everywhere. It made me feel so grown up! Before that, I used to wear Hilary Duff’s With Love fragrance (lol). I was obsessed. I got every last drop out of the little bottle! I used to put on the body lotion version of the scent and then spritz the perfume on top because I couldn’t get enough. I would love to get a whiff of it now. It had some exotic spices, amber and musk, so I think it would probably still be up my alley if I was able to find it!” – bh‘s Ellie

What perfume did you wear in your teenage years? Have you tried any of these?

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  1. GOSH these bring back so many memories.

    I fell like Britney Spears perfumes will always be classics. I still use the fantasy one to this day such a sweet girly fun scent.

    And of course the impulse body sprays absolutely love all them and still buy one here and there

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