The latest in scent inventions (no spritzing required)

The latest in scent inventions (no spritzing required)

There’s no doubt that spritzing your scent on is a lovely ritual. But while you may leave the house smelling like a citrus-and-sandalwood delight, it’s not always the same situation 12 hours later.

And when compact handbags don’t allow you to pack all the essentials (keys, phone, wallet and of course, a 100ml bottle of your signature scent), there’s one that generally (and tragically) has to exit the equation first.

So, in the scenarios where you’re searching for non-liquid, travel-friendly or extra-unique options, these new fragrance formats are ready and waiting.

From Diptyque’s revolutionary new scented stickers to YSL’s genius perfume pen, we’re breaking down the newest ways to smell phenomenal. Welcome to the future of fragrance.

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The Skin Stickers

Diptyque Eau Rose Perfumed Sticker for Skin ($79,

Forget scratch n sniff, these revolutionary scented stickers deliver fresh fragrance all day long. Just stick onto skin, either inside the wrist or on the shoulder; they’re like a temporary tattoo that happens to smell phenomenal.


The Perfume Pen

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click And Go

Your fave floriental fragrance is now just a click away with this genius gel brush pen. Each one features 200 applications, and it’s YSL, so it’s pretty much the chicest pen of all time.


The Kabuki Brush

Byredo Gypsy Water Kabuki Perfume ($87,

Perfume in powder form? Into it. Byredo have crafted a clever kabuki brush fragrance applicator – it’s compact, retractable and dispenses their cult-fave Gypsy Water scent in a single stroke.

The Scent Stick

Derek Lam Rain Day Parfum Stick ($49,

Worried your fave fragrance will leak in the bottom of your bag? Enter solid scent sticks – just swipe onto skin whenever you need a refresh. This one smells like a tropical sun shower and we’re massive fans.

The Custom Solids

Jo Malone Fragrance Combining Palette ($40,

Jo Malone have taken solid scents up another notch with these sleek, slimline scent duo palettes. Choose your fave cologne combo, slot the solids into the case, and dab on as needed.

The Olfactory Oil

The Body Shop White Musk® Perfume Oil 

Soft, fruity and sensual with vanilla, peach and (you guessed it) white musk, we’ll take this sweet scent in any form, but we definitely appreciate how long it lasts in this extra potent oil form.

The Scented Accessory

Diptyque Fleur de Peau Perfumed Brooch ($192,

Part fragrance, part accessory, this perfumed pin is scented with the rose-and-bergamot-blend of Diptyque’s divine Fleur de Peau, thanks to the scented ceramic disk hiding behind the brooch.

Main image credit: @diptyque Have you tried any of these fragrance forms? Which sounds most innovative to you?

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