New kids on the block

New kids on the block

We walk you through the latest releases for guys and gals from the fragrance world.
Plus there’s also a sneek peek of things to come from Kylie, Karl Largerfeld and SJP.

The boys are back in town

9IX Rocawear
Let Jay-Z rock your world this Christmas with the launch of 9IX Rocawear, a sexy, authentic and masculine scent for your man that embodies the swagger and sophistication of the hip hop legend himself.

David and Victoria Beckham Signature for Him
Masculine. Energetic. Sensual. Rich. Yes we agree, the description fits sexy Becks to a T but we’re actually talking about his new fragrance, Signature for Him. Designed to portray the charismatic, confident and determined side of David, the fruity fresh opening and sophisticated base are swoon-worthy.

Marc Jacobs Fig
The boy who all the girls flock to for frocking up has added another sought-after scent to his fragrance bow: Marc Jacobs Fig. Leading on from the aromatic heart and soul of Marc Jacobs Men, the refreshing, lighter formula is all yuzu zest, fig and woody notes.

The new ‘It’ girls

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance
Gwen never misses a beat and she has hit the quirky jackpot again with these fun filled fragrance fillies, each with their own personality and unique style. Love is super cute and frilly, a sensuous floral; Lil Angel is sassy and sexy, a fruity floral; Music is a tough chick with heaps of attitude yet the fragrance is a delicate floral; Baby is girlie and sweet, she’s filled with a powdery musk; G – you guessed it Ms Stefani herself – is the leader of the pack. Her fragrance? A modern gourmand. Spoilt for choice? Yes indeedy.

Marc Jacobs Gardenia
The designer du jour is at it again with Marc Jacobs Gardenia. Gardenia takes lead from Marc Jacobs Woman capturing gardenias floating on water (and is blooming marvellous in our opinion). The dewy greens, blossoms, gardenia petals and creamy musk base are just what the summery weather ordered.

Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling
Our very own sexy darling (how gorgeous is her new ‘do?) has launched a limited edition version of the raved-about original. The fusion of floral and woody notes packaged in a vampy vixen red and black bottle has more than a hint of Parisian flair to it. Rich and sophisticated, our homegirl’s done good.

Tom Ford White Patchouli
The darling of the fashion industry wanted to strip patchouli of its non-conventional glamour, as he says, “I wanted to free patchouli from that cliché and present it in a truly innovative way: sparkling, sophisticated and clear.” And that he has by penetrating it with notes of peony, rose and jasmine to add a modernised twist to the alluring fragrance.

Calvin Klein Secret Obsession
Okay, so we might not look as good as Eva rolling around in nothing but Secret Obsession but a girl can only try. The warm, provocative fragrance blends plum with jasmine, orange flower and cashmere woods. Now for some smoky eyeshadow to capture those come-to-bed eyes…

Dates for your diary

March 2009: Karl Largerfeld Kapsule, a selection of three fragrances (Woody, Light and Floriental) will launch in time for autumn. With Mr Lagerfeld behind them, you just know they’re going to be worth the wait.

May 2009: Coty (the brand behind fragrances from Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs et al) will launch a new trio of fragrances, The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker. The scents, called Dawn, Endless and Twilight, are meant to evoke distinct moments in time. May hurry up already!

And finally…Kylie will launch a new fragrance called Couture (quite fitting given her love of Dior and D&G). No word on when yet but as always, we’ll keep you in the loop.

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