To covet is a sin

To covet is a sin

Another day, another celebrity fragrance… And the next cab off the celebrity scent rank is Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet, a naughtier, and in SJP’s own words “more aggressive”, scent than the delicately feminine Lovely.

She’s lost the Lovely ballet pink satin and demure gaze for this one, instead donning couture Christian Lacroix, black velvet gloves and a sinful, glamorous-jewel-thief type of character. The advertising for Covet follows SJP as she flounces fashionably through Paris and then, completely possessed by the need for the fragrance in a boutique display, slips off a designer heel, smashes the boutique window to snatch the object of her desire and is hauled off to prison for grand theft perfume. Her defence: “I had to have it!”

What compelled her to such a fabulous felony? Apparently it’s a feminine take on fougere, featuring top notes of wet greens, Sicilian lemon, lavender and chocolate, a self-indulgent heart of honeysuckle, magnolia and muguet and a luxuriously lingering base blend of musk, vetiver, teakwood and bois de cashmere. It’s the recipe for helpless addiction, we’re told.

We’ll all find out if Covet’s worth abandoning lawful behaviour for in July (we’ll let you know the minute it’s on shelves). We liked Lovely and can’t wait to see if the sequel can surpass it. We’re not sure that beautyheaven can buy SJP behind bars (wonder if the sight gives Paris Hilton the heebie-jeebies?), though we do understand the motivation. Seriously, we’d probably kill just for her dress…

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