The cosmos says shop. So shop.

The cosmos says shop. So shop.

Sometimes the stars align to orchestrate a day that is nothing less than cosmically designed for shopping. And this, fellow beauty buffs, is such a day. Annoyingly, it’s also a Monday and slinking off to the shops may not be easy, but if you’ve ever needed motivation, today’s crop of fresh and shiny new lust-haves is surely it.

Reason one to free up a little shopping time ASAP: the limited edition Fleur Wood cosmetics case for Shiseido.

For those of us with a Fleur Wood fetish without the budget for a weekly frock, this exquisitely piped and embroidered satin case is a covetable compromise. A gift with purchase when you buy two Shiseido products, including one skincare staple, from David Jones, this little bit of luxury is at the mercy of every fashionista with a cosmetic habit, so cancel that lunch meeting now…

Then head directly to your closest fragrance counter for the first sniff of Gwen Stefani’s L fragrance (from $80), Ferragamo Incanto Shine (from $100) and Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger (from $55).

Sexy, funky and girly sweet, L spikes green and floral top notes with mid tones of orange blossom, sweet pea, lily of the valley and rose before trailing off in a harmony of peach skin, heliotrope flower, frangipani and sensual musk. I must own it.

And this. Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger is a more sumptuous and sophisticated affair, inspired by caprice, fantasy and a holiday-in-the-Hamptons type of freedom. Succulent peach opens the fragrance, introducing a luxurious heart of tuberose, freesia and hibiscus before sinking into a warm base of white woods and rare orris.

Then, zingingly bright and bubbly, Incanto Shine is like a rainbow bursting out of a bottle. A delicious cocktail of pineapple, passionfruit and peach makes it sing with summer, as if the beautiful bottle wasn’t wantable on its own. Would I seriously be expected to resist?

Skincare junkies, you need to know that Lumedia Facial Brightener ($148) by Bremmen Labs becomes available from today. From the lab coats that gave us the stretch mark and wrinkle wonder cream StriVectin-SD and the raccoon-eye eradicator Hylexin, Lumedia is all about helping the skin to reflect light, making it look more even, vital and fresh. I’ve not tried it myself, but I was in New York when it was causing a riot in Macy’s (I’m not kidding, it was being clawed for!), so if you want to try it out, you might want to be quick about it.

And just in time for a pre-Christmas treat to self, a load of Benefit booty also hits Myer stores today. There’s the Her Glossiness Gift Set ($49) of six ultra shiny lip glosses, the divine Powder Pop Palette (59) containing Dandelion for brightening plus Dallas and Hoola for a beachy bronze, and the 10 palette ($45) of highlighters and illuminisers for your eyes, cheeks and lips. But if you seriously only buy one thing today, make it the Best of Benefit Gift Set ($99), an excellent edit of cult buys Dr Feelgood, Benetint and Badgal Lash.

Told you it was a cosmically ordained day for indulging in cosmetic confections. I, for one, plan to hit the shops as the beauty goddess obviously wishes as soon as possible. It’s just not worth risking her wrath – she dishes out the bad hair days too…

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