These Are The 10 Best Natural Deodorants

These Are The 10 Best Natural Deodorants

Taking the plunge into an all-natural beauty routine is super simple these days, but the final frontier for many is natural deodorants. Nobody wants to take the risk of being *that* person stinking up the office with their BO, but rest assured that natural deodorants have come a long way since their sub-par formulas of yesteryear. Because deodorants that don’t actually work are the pits (get it?) we’ve rounded up the top 10 natural deodorants that won’t leave you smelly. 

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Sukin Natural Deodorant

Suitable for all skin types, Sukin Natural deodorant is aluminium and paraben-free, helping eliminate the bacteria that results in odour. Formulated with essential oils of tangerine, mandarin, lavender and vanilla extract, it emits a fresh and clean fragrance that isn’t overpowering. 

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A’kin Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant

Free from triclosan, aluminium and zinc, the A’kin Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant is odour-neutralising. With a blend of geranium, cedarwood and patchouli oil, all selected for their deodorising properties, this natural deodorant will leave skin feeling comfortable and refreshed. 

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Dermal Therapy™ Crystal Deodorant

Crystallised alum, the hero ingredient of this product, gives the skin an invisible protective barrier that prevents odour-causing bacteria, while still allowing your skin to breathe. Being 100% natural, hypo-allergenic, alcohol and aluminium free, the Dermal Therapy™ Crystal Deodorant is perfect for sensitive skin types. 

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Weleda Citrus Deodorant

Certified organic and free from synthetic ingredients, the Weleda Citrus Deodorant supports the body’s natural detoxification process by neutralising the bacteria that causes odour. This citrus fragranced deodorant has a refreshing scent made will essential oils, coming in a glass bottle that is 100% recyclable. 

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sebamed Deodorant Spray Blossom

Formulated with a 5.5 pH balance, which is the same as healthy skin, the sebamed Deodorant Spray Blossom prevents body odour without getting in the way of the sweat glands natural process. The formula is free from metal derivatives, preservatives, colour additives and other harmful chemicals. 

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Nu Skin® Epoch® Deodorant with Citrisomes

Nu Skin® Epoch® Deodorant with Citrisomes is potent enough to keep body odour at bay, without leaving any white marks behind. The grapefruit seed extract scent of this deodorant is fresh without being overpowering. The deodorant contains chamomile extract for its skin-soothing properties, which works to soften the skin of the underarms.

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QV Naked Deodorant Roll On

Built using sensitive skin-friendly Biosorb™ crystals, QV’s Naked Deodorant eliminates body odour by targeting the cells responsible for producing bacteria. 

“Normal supermarket sprays and roll ons give me a terrible rash and itchy skin, I’ve found this product and haven’t had either irritations since.” – ClaireEllen

$7.49 at Chemist Warehouse


NS Deo Fresh

A gentle yet effective alternative to chemical-based deodorants, the NS Deo Fresh contains active ingredients like witch hazel and rosemary, offering all-day freshness and the prevention of perspiration odour. 

“It’s cost-effective too, which most natural alternatives aren’t!! It’s got a subtle, pleasant scent. I would purchase this again!” – AP1992

$7.49 at


Andalou Lavender Thyme Botanical Deodorant

Effectively neutralise odour with Andalou’s Lavender Thyme Botanitcal Deodorant. Formulated with super antioxidants, arrowroot and skin-soothing plant oils, this vegan-friendly alternative offers protection for all skin types.

“It smells absolutely amazing, the Lavender is very calming and relaxing.” – BeccaDuncan21

$12.49 at Chemist Warehouse



Natio Spirit Tea Tree + Lime Deodorant

Formulated with native Australian ingredients to combat undesirable body odours, the Natio Spirit Tea Tree + Lime Deodorant offers a zesty and refreshing scent that’s powerful enough to see you through the day. 

$14.37 at

Do natural deodorants work for you?

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  1. Have always used Rexona Deodorant black/white protection haven't tried the natural deodorants not sure if I would.
    Even with use it doesn't always work, especially on a Hot Summer Days usually have to spray it on a couple of times a day.

  2. My husband and I have both have a Crystal Deodorant and have been using them for the past 30 years, it has never failed us. We purchased a Crystal Deodorant for my son when he was 14 but it did not work for him.

  3. I’ve tried 3 of the above deodorants, Sukin, QV and Dermal. All of them are ok for me in the cooler months, Sukin I liked the most. Unfortunately none of them work that well for me in the hotter months, but I do tend to sweat more then. No Pong is the best one that works for me in the summer months. One of the beauties on here has her own blog and road tested quite a lot of natural deodorants, some of these were tested. Well worth a read, I think her blog is Kats Colourings.

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