What’s your perfume personality?

What’s your perfume personality?

If you think of perfumes like people’s personalities, it makes sense there are three different accords: there’s the top, which is like a first impression, then the heart, which is like the side of a person you only discover after spending more time with them. Finally, there are base notes – those traits and qualities of a person that not only resonate with you, but linger long after they’re gone.

Since a bunch of scents permanently live on my desk (is six excessive?), it got me thinking: who can I imagine wearing these perfumes? What is she like? What does she do; where does she live? And building on that, what do my own perfumes say about me? Can the guy at the coffee shop tell who I am based on my scent (and daily coffee order)?

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So, whether you’re preppy, romantic, edgy or just plain bossy, we’re sure you’ll find your scented soulmate – or at least your next fragrance fling – somewhere in these perfume personalities…


Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet EDT Limited Edition, 75mL, $89, available form Myer

Packed with mandarin, magnolia, creamy wood and musk,Daisy is fit for the girl who turns up Taylor Swift full-blast and loves DIY crafternoons. She’s the type of girl who enjoys weekend picnics and rom-coms, and revels in her role as everyone’s BFF. Fun, flirty, full of energy and incredibly generous – that’s her.


MOR Modern Apothecary Emporium EDT in White Hydrangea, 100mL, $49.95

This lady is so confident, she doesn’t need an overpowering fragrance to go out there and show the world who’s boss. Don’t let the packaging of this MOR scent fool you – it may look sweet, but the mix of juicy melon, white florals, hydrangea and musk is exactly what this #girlboss needs. With her own corner office overlooking the city, she’s successful and hard-working. Her mornings start at 6am with spin, and she finishes off the work day at the newest hot spot in town. Her iPhone is permanently glued to her hand, but tell her you need to talk and she’ll slip it into her YSL clutch without hesitation.


Valentina Pink by Valentino EDP, 50mL, $115, available May 3 from Sephora, David Jones and Myer

This fragrance is beyond divine. Its main notes are peony, strawberry and blackberry, and it has a strong heart of three different but equally vibrant roses. It’s bursting with energy, just like the bright pink bottle. The Valentina Pink girl went to school in the city and now lives in a terrace house in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. She’s conservative, yet enjoys a G&T or two on a Friday night and cherishes family gatherings as well as Sunday drives in the country.


Benefit Crescent Row Ring My Bella EDT, 30mL, $59

While there’s no denying the notes in this are seriously killer (lily, daisy, peony and white patchouli), let’s face it: the bottle’s the real hero. This girl lives for colour, and embraces the Harajuku trend (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here). She’s creative, an artist or graphic designer, with a successful blog full of street fashion snaps. Her French bulldog Napoleon, stars in a lot of her Instagram posts. Wherever she goes, fun follows. She loves going out dancing and is always working on a new project.


Tom Ford Black Orchid, 30mL, $108, available from David Jones

Full of rich, alluring notes like black orchids and spice, this luxurious and sensual fragrance matches this girl’s bold red lip and glamorous lifestyle. The dramatic, bold scent fits her memorable personality. The Black Orchid girl’s walk-in wardrobe is wall-to-wall with designer shoes and bags (colour coordinated, of course). Her hair is always styled to perfection and she’s never without a glossy mani. She drinks champagne and loves travelling – with her LV duffel in tow.


John Varvatos John Varvatos Artisan Black, 75mL, $75

Lemon, calypsone, jasmine, coriander seed and leather are just some of the notes that make up this seriously seductive scent from John Varvatos. Artisan Black is the girl who looks just as incredible in op shop clothes as she does in designer pieces. She’s just been at Coachella hanging with A-listers and swapping fashion advice with Nicole Richie. Head to her warehouse apartment for dinner and she’ll serve up a delicious meal she made up off the top of her head. At the top of the guest list for every exclusive launch and opening, her carefree attitude means everyone adores her.

What’s your perfume personality? Would you like to try any of these fragrances?

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