Making scents of Jacko

Making scents of Jacko

Michael Jackson is taking celebrity fragrance to a whole new level with M – a scent derived from Jackson’s DNA – due to hit shelves next year.

Called a one-of-a-kind fragrance (we believe you!) it has been described as “unique, indescribable, and unlike no other cologne in the world”.

Hair follicles found on Jackson’s clothing have had the DNA removed to create the fragrance “M”.

However, M makes up part of the Antiquity Collection, a line of fragrances that are based on celebrities’ DNA created by My DNA Fragrance in the US. So it seems (quite scarily) that M isn’t as unique as we first thought. Also available are IQ (Einstein), Monarch (Katherine Hepburn), Marilyn (Monroe) and Entrance (Joan Crawford).

If the thought of wearing the DNA of a deceased celebrity is a little morbid, we hear you and you’ll be pleased to know that the living can concoct their very own exclusive scent based on DNA taken from hair or a cheek swab. Mmn?

A spritz of scent au Jackson anyone?

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