How-to: take your perfume on holidays

How-to: take your perfume on holidays

You’ve just landed in your sunny holiday destination. The sun is shining, the cool ocean breeze is drifting in through your hotel window and now all that is left to do is unpack your bikini and spritz on some of your favourite scent to tempt the resort’s pool boy… You open your suitcase to find your treasured bottle of perfume smashed, the last dregs leaking from the soaked corner of the bag. Great. Just great!

Nothing has the ability to kill your holiday spirit faster than a smashed perfume bottle in your suitcase. It’s enough to make you want to scream! Thankfully though, there are some foolproof tips and tricks to ensure your perfume makes it through the journey and into your beach bag, ready to attract that hot summer holiday fling!

Tip one: re-bottle
It shouldn’t be a shock to learn that travelling with a glass bottle in your bag is a recipe for disaster. If you want to save your precious bottle from breakage, transfer a few mills of your fave scent into a plastic perfume atomiser bottle before the trip. Perfume atomiser bottles are cheap, travel-friendly and last forever – a worthwhile investment! Try Manicare’s nifty Travel Boarding Set.

Tip two: pad it
If you have to travel with a glass perfume bottle then wrap it in a jumper before placing it in your bag – the jumper will act as padding and prevent unnecessary breakage. Also make sure your suitcase is packed tightly, if items are loose or can roll around inside when the suitcase is moved, you are much more likely to encounter a breakage.

Tip three: go solid
The best perfume to take on holiday trips is a solid one. Solid perfumes usually come in travel-friendly sticks and purse-size tins. Besides being cute and nifty, they won’t break inside your bag during the trip! What’s more, most perfume brands offer a solid perfume version of your favourite spray. Right now we are loving L’Occitane’s Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume, because it smells positively dreamy to cute beach boys. Or so we’re told…

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