How-to: pick the perfect wedding day scent


A wedding will always demand a grand amount of time, effort and money. And rightly so, I say. Most of us will only walk down the aisle once, and when we do, we want everything to be absolutely flawless and perfectly suited to our taste. Believe it or not, selecting the right scent for your big day is actually a rather big undertaking. One must think of their fragrance as a sensory snapshot, you see, because your brain will link the memory of your wedding to the smell of your chosen perfume for years to come. Unfortunately for brides, this very important detail makes for a tough task. A very tough task. That’s where Erica Moore comes in. As a fragrance evaluator at Fragrances of the World, her nose is not your average nose. In fact, her knowledge of fragrance notes is almost unmatchable, and that’s precisely why we’ve stolen her top tips for choosing the perfect wedding day scent…


#1. Don’t divert from your usual taste

Just like a bride’s dress and bouquet, her fragrance will always be unique and a complete representation of her. That said, if opting to wear a new or different perfume on her big day, it’s wise for a bride to look at fragrances she’s previously worn and adored, so she can select something similar.  

#2. Avoid overpowering perfumes

The number one rule of general perfume etiquette states one shouldn’t wear something too intense, but something with enough impact to create sillage. (That’s fragrance speak for when the fragrance notes “follow” you, by the way.) As a bride, your big day is strictly not the time to break said rule, because a strong scent will not be looked favourably upon while you socialise with your guests.

#3. Apply your juice in a smart fashion

To ensure fragrance longevity, you need to layer the scent, and then layer it some more. This means using the matching shower gel and body lotion if your scent offers it, and carrying a small vial or atomiser filled with your chosen fragrance in your clutch for touch-ups during the day.  Also, other than applying the juice to the obvious places such as your wrist, spritz it on your navel, your elbow joints and the small of your back. If you’re opting for a flowing down ‘do, pop some on the nape of your neck too, as the warmth of your skin and movement of your hair will help diffuse the scent.

#4. Don’t forget about your groom

A groom should go through the same scent selection process as a bride, and even select one that compliments his lady’s. The woody and woody Oriental fragrance note families are both well represented with an array of masculine and feminine fragrances at the moment, so finding companion scents that don’t clash won’t be as hard as it sounds. Feeling well educated in wedding day scent selecting but want some actual fragrance examples? You’re in luck, because we’ve got a gallery below that’s filled with juices absolutely ideal for any bride and groom’s big day…

Do you think it’s important to put thought into your wedding day scent? If you’re married, what fragrance did you wear on your big day? If you’re not, what would be your perfect wedding scent?


The crisp water-like notes of Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey EDP ($133, 50mL) make this fresh floral juice a divine choice, but the lingering musk and precious woods will leave a long-lasting impression.


Known for its instant and lasting impression, the rich floral scent of Michael Kors, which contains notes of tuberose, freesia, Turkish rose, orange flower and apricot, will evoke memories of your big day for an eternity.


Deliciously fresh and florally, Burberry Brit Sheer ($89, 50mL) is filled with a mix of delicious fruity citrus notes – mandarin, pineapple leaves, grapes and peach blossom – and a white musky finish.


Happy by name, happy by nature! CLINIQUE Happy will add a sparkle to any bride’s day thanks to its vibrant notes of citrus, ruby red grapefruit and Hawaiian wedding flower.


Not for the shy bride, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP ($99, 30mL) is a full-bodied oriental juice that leaves a floral explosion in its wake. Standout notes include freesia, Sambac jasmine, musk and patchouli.


Opening up with luscious top notes of raspberry and bergamot lily, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura is hard to resist. Its sensual floral notes also make this juice the perfect compliment to your bouquet.


Almost good enough to eat, Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne is fresh, fruity and delicate all at the same time. Deep blackberry juice and sparkling grapefruit have been mixed with vetiver and cedarwood to create a divine delectable finish.


Timeless and elegant yet bold and masculine, Halston Man opens with top notes of citrus and juicy passion fruit, while the middle notes of lavender, pennyroyal mint and cardamom are perfectly partnered with patchouli and musk.


Fresh, clean and crisp, DKNY Men The Original is a delicious choice for any male with notes of tangerine, ginger and ivy leaves, white spice, juniper berry, red maplewood and sandalwood.


The refreshing Joop! Jump will give any man the courage to, well, jump straight into married life. Inspired by vodka and coriander leaves, its woody Oriental notes of rosemary, thyme, grapefruit, tonka beans and musk make for the perfect mix.

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