The proper way to apply perfume


Perfume is a very powerful beauty product. It can complete any look, uplift the most sullen of moods and act as a reminder of some of the most magical moments. 

So it’s a pretty important product to be applying properly. And it’s not as simple as a spritz here and there:

How to apply perfume properly TIP #1

Perfume should be applied straight after a shower, before you get dressed. Yep that’s right, completely naked. Your skin will absorb your fragrance better and you won’t risk staining your clothes or jewellery. Perfume was designed to smell it’s best on bare skin so that’s exactly how you should apply it.

How to apply perfume properly TIP #2

If you don’t have time to shower, or you’re prone to dry skin, apply some moisturising lotion before spritzing your scent. Perfume lasts longer if your skin is hydrated. But be careful to use either an unscented lotion or the one that matches your fragrance, as you don’t want to mix scents.

How to apply perfume properly TIP #3

Most of you probably know by now that you should apply perfume to your pulse points. But did you know that your pulse points are not only your wrists and neck, but your inner arms, back of the knees and ears as well? I’m not saying you should spray perfume on each of these points, but pick the two that best suit you and spray each of them once. 

How to apply perfume properly TIP #4

Too many times I’ve come across both men and women who have over-sprayed their perfume. It’s an easy mistake to make, but nobody wants to be the one responsible for people coughing and spluttering all over the place. To ensure you’re not spraying too much, apply your perfume, wait five seconds and then put a tissue on that spot. If it sticks, you’ve sprayed too much. It’s also a good idea to hold your fragrance a good 10 centimetres away from the area you’re spraying. Always start off lightly and with practice you’ll soon learn what the right amount is.

Have you been applying your perfume properly? Do any of the tips above surprise you?

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