Living a Cinderella story

Living a Cinderella story

You know the story: Boy spots beguiling girl across a crowded ballroom. Girl levels her gaze straight at boy and, with a tiny curl of her ruby mouth, enslaves him without a single word. Boy is enchanted, but girl crushes boy’s heart like a small glass slipper and makes off with the keys to his convertible.

I guess I’m feeling inspired by the release of chapter five in Dior’s Poison saga, Midnight Poison. If you were out shopping over the weekend, you can’t have missed it either. I like the scent, with its spellbinding patchouli, romantically rosy heart and sexy-ever-after trail of amber, but I’m in love with the vision of Eva Green as a dark Cinderella in the advertising. Dangerously gorgeous, huh? If you’re inspired to live out the twisted fairytale too, here’s how:

Revlon’s Bedroom Eyes
in Fishnet Jet was made for this smouldering look. Being a powder liner, it does half the smudging work for you and is much easier to wield than a pencil. The only trick to remember: have a fan brush handy to dust off the overspill it’s prone to leaving on your cheeks.

Trying to fake porcelain when you’re born with terracotta isn’t going to be a success, but, if you’re fair, SK-11 Power Signs Treatment Foundation is great for getting milky complexion perfection. Plus it comes in a take-everywhere compact for requisite touch ups.

Lips like these don’t come easy. You’ll need a scrub, smoother and sealant (Sally Hansen’s Invisible Lip Liner is a great anti-bleeding barrier) as prep, but then a high-pigment lipstick will stay put for hours. Blue-based Sweetheart by Gorgeous Cosmetics is a classic red, or try MAC Viva Glam III for a more Eva-esque merlot. And to keep it off your teeth, just purse your lips around your index finger and draw it out slowly.

Finally, add OPI’s new Russian Navy polish to make your nails sparkle like sapphires and you’re gothic gorgeous. The end.

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