8 things you didn’t know about perfume


You’ve discovered what notes suit your skin, mastered your application technique and extended your eclectic bottle collection. But even the biggest perfume pros may be surprised by the following facts…

Perfume fact #1

The word ‘perfume’ is Latin and means ‘through smoke’, as burning incense was a common way to experience scents.

Perfume fact #2

Beyoncé’s special edition fragrance Heat is the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time, raking in over $400 million globally.

Perfume fact #3

The most expensive perfume in the world is $215,000. It is called Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty. The bottle is made of Baccarat crystal and features an 18-carat gold collar and five-carat diamond.

Perfume fact #4

The two most commonly used flower essences in modern perfumery are rose and jasmine.

Perfume fact #5

Paco Rabanne One Million is the best-selling men’s brand in Priceline for 2014.*

Perfume fact #6

For many years a popular ingredient used in perfume was civet, an oil from the sex glands of a certain breed of cat. Nowadays, synthetic substitutes are used.

Perfume fact #7

The no. 1 selling fragrance in Priceline to date is One Direction Our Moment EDP 30mL.*

Perfume fact #8

Ambergris is one of the most valuable raw materials in perfumery and is also, quite literally, whale vomit. Most perfumes these days contain a synthetic version of this rare ingredient.

* Phoebe Darbyshire, Priceline Buying Assistant – Fragrance

Which of the above perfume facts surprises you the most? What other things would you love to know about perfume?

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