Essential summer make-up swaps

Essential summer make-up swaps

FACT: the temperature is rising. The days are getting longer. Our hemlines are getting shorter. And it’s utter bliss if you ask me.

But do you know what else is happening now the delightfully warm spring weather has hit? We’re taking a long hard look at our make-up kit. Yep, we tossing this and we’re keeping that, and making the appropriate beauty product swaps to ensure we’re looking our beautiful best all summer long.

Not sure what summer beauty essentials you need to be using right now? No stress – we know exactly what belongs in the back of your wardrobe with your opaque tights…

SWAP THIS: heavy bronzers
FOR THIS: a blush that makes you look oh so radiant

WE LOVE: Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush as it’s sheer and blends into skin effortlessly.

SWAP THIS: dark lipstick
FOR THIS: a shiny lip gloss with gusto

WE LOVE: Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss, as it contains smoothing mineral oil, nourishing candelilla wax and shine enhancers, as well as a pretty powerful dose of pigment that lasts.

SWAP THIS: stay-put, matte foundations
FOR THIS: a luminous, sheer foundation that imparts radiance.

WE LOVE: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation, as it has the ability to even out your skin tone and correct imperfections while providing a radiant, lightweight finish.

Are you excited summer is almost here? What appropriate product swaps will you be making now the warmer weather has hit?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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