DIY hacks for getting the most out of your perfume


DIY hacks are easy, affordable and can stop us from wasting perfectly good products.

So let’s be honest here, who has a fragrance sitting on their shelf that’s going to waste?

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It’s alright, I do too (way more than I would like to admit).

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Sometimes all it takes is a new fragrance to make you shove your other perfumes to the side. Or maybe you liked the smell in store but it didn’t end up suiting you.

Whatever it is, the waste needs to stop! To help us do that, we’ve gathered up some of the best DIY hacks to repurpose unused perfumes…

#1 Moisturiser

This can help you get more out of two neglected beauty products! If you have an unscented moisturiser, add a few drops of your fragrance and voila – a new scented body lotion.

bh loves: Simple Daily Light Moisturiser and Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Lotion.

#2 Drawers

Spritz your fragrance onto some tissue paper and then after it dries, line your drawers with it. This will give your clothes a lovely and subtle scent!

#3 Diffuser

Your fragrance is already in a bottle, so all you have to do to is pop in a few wooden reeds to make it a diffuser. Or if you want to change up the style, a small glass jar or vase will also do the trick.

#4 Pillow

If you have any calming scents, spritz your pillow with one before you hit the hay. Scents like lavender have soothing effects and can calm your mind for a peaceful sleep.

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bh loves: Vanessa Megan Essential Blend Natural Perfume and L’OCCITANE Lavender Eau de Cologne.

Do you have any DIY hacks for getting the most out of your perfume? What do you do with a leftover fragrance?

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