Why you want to smell like your dog

Why you want to smell like your dog

I’ve heard of people looking like their pets. Or even dressing like them. Pet look-alikes are a particularly well-recorded phenomenon in celebrity circles who hasn’t noticed the spooky similarities between Paris and the equally fine-boned and over-blinged Tinkerbell? But actually smelling like your dog? I never thought that could catch on – until I discovered sexybeaststyle.com.

Think a luxury EDP blend of bergamot, patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oil, underscored with a warm vanilla-infused musk and kept in a stylised bone-shaped bottle designed by Karim Rashid. Sounds supremely wearable, right? Well, this Sexy Beast is not for you. It’s for your furry little friend. New Yorker Renee Ryan developed the scent for her white boxer, Austin, using smarts from her history with Estee Lauder and Clinique and scents designed by luxury Swiss fragrance house Givaudan. Sexy Beast has been such a hit with pampered pooches, and coveted by so many of their humans, that it’s even made it onto the pages of US Vogue and Allure.

You might not be surprised, given that image-obsessed New York is the city of doggy day spas and pedicured paws, but it’s not just NYC; it’s happening on our own S.C. too. Diamond Pooch Pet Boutique from the Sunshine Coast makes all sorts of canine couture, including a Chewnel #5 perfumed toy for pups. Just check out the list of luxury pet products on diamondpooch.com.au.

Sure puts a new spin on ‘it’s a dog’s life’, huh?

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