Caffeine perfumes to perk you up if you’re too ashamed to buy another coffee

Caffeine perfumes to perk you up if you’re too ashamed to buy another coffee

You know that amazing aroma that hits you the second you walk into your favourite coffee shop? Good stuff, right? We’ve often found ourselves standing in our local café wondering whether it’s possible to somehow bottle the sharp-yet-sweet scent that fills the air. Well, as it turns out, it is.

So next time you’re concerned your co-workers may stage an intervention if you come back with your fourth coffee of the day, try a spritz of a caffeine-packed perfume in place of that extra piccolo.

Whether you prefer your roast on the sweeter side with a dash of cream and a hint of vanilla, or want a concentrated caffeinated hit that smells exactly like an espresso, these colognes are bound to put a little pep in your step, perfume style – consider your coffee craving curbed.

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Lush Cardamom Coffee

Inspired by the cosiness of sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee in hand, this coffee cologne is more of a cold-weather spritz, but the romantic rose oil leaves it smelling just sweet enough for summer.

Maison Margiela Replica

Maison Margiela Replica Coffee Break EDT ($170,

A smooth, creamy, foamy coffee in fragrance form, one whiff of this caffeine-spiked scent will have you thinking you’ve just strolled into Starbucks.

Floral Street

Floral Street Ylang Ylang Espresso ($109,

Coffee and cacao make up the heart of this heady scent, but it’s the tangerine and tiramisu that set the blend apart. Prefer your coffee with cream? This spritz is even topped with a whirl of whip.


Demeter Espresso Cologne Spray ($29.95,

A cologne that captures the richness and depth of a freshly brewed Italian espresso, this single note scent smells exactly like the real thing.


Valentino Uomo EDT ($103,

The coffee, chocolate and hazelnut heart is flanked by a unique pairing of cedarwood and bergamot to make up a mix that is perky, potent and full of beans (pun most certainly intended).

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her Absolute ($130,

Sensual, spicy and sweet all at once, this glorious gourmand fusion features honey-drizzled coffee beans with a velvety base of vetiver and vanilla.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

A blend bursting with coffee beans, patchouli and pink pepper, it’s sharp enough to act as a caffeine kick, but it won’t give you jitters thanks to the sweet additions of almond, vanilla and jasmine.

Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London Black Vetyver Café ($199,

A more concentrated take on caffeine (think coffee without the cream), it’s pure black roasted coffee paired with earthy incense and spicy nutmeg.


Have you tried coffee perfumes before? Do any of these sound like something you’d like?

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  1. Have two now. One won on BH (Thank you heaps!) one bought just before this. Both black opiums, i just bought new flanker Intense. Both pleasant. Both strong on coffee note with quite a bit of vanilla. Intense one is lighter and has some absinthe =D

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