Chill thrills

Chill thrills

Are you a book and a bath kind ‘o gal or does hitting the gym and pounding the pavements give you the downtime you need? We hit the streets of Sydney and quizzed bh members to see how you relax…

“I’m definitely a bath and book relaxing girl. Nothing unwinds me quicker after a long stressful day then to turn out the lights, light some candles, turn on some soft music and sink into a steamy hot bath with a face mask. By the time I hop out I’m calm, my skin looks great and I’m ready to take on the world again!” – mmmm

“A change of scenery does me wonders. I make sure I pack my beauty essentials: a face mask, pedicure products, lotions and potions and a tonne of girly gossipy mags so I feel like I’ve had a relaxing spa experience in my hotel room.” – Beauty Obsession

“This time of year is all about red wine and bubble baths for me. While I’m soaking I apply a Dead Sea and green clay mud mask and lay back on my bath pillow. When I get out I oil up and then sit in front of the TV doing as little as possible. Bliss.” – Princess75

“If I have excess mental energy I sew; it takes my mind away from wherever it was and the rhythmic sound of the sewing machine relaxes me. It makes my brain work hard: getting pieces fitting together, working out patterns, it’s super rewarding when you finish and get to see your creation! If hubby and I are both drained we put on a mindless movie and curl up on the couch drinking big cups of tea.” – pinksapphire

“I relax by reading a great book on the beach, catching the sun’s rays, perhaps taking a nap to the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore…” – pinksparkles

“I go to Kung-Fu three nights a week…what better way to take out your frustration than punching into a focus mitt with all your strength? I also get regular massages which helps to release any built up tension in my shoulders and neck, bliss!” – Hmad

“My regular relaxation time is my monthly facial – I actually do it more for the relaxation than the skin benefits! Other than that – especially during this time of year – I love to take a walk on the beach or lie in the sun all day! The sound of waves crashing and the warm sun on my skin is definitely the best way for me to unwind and de-stress!” – Elmo

“To chill-ax I organise time to have a walk or date with my husband and then maybe have a bath, turn on some of my favourite music, put a face mask on and relax or go onto bh and check out the latest goss.” – Ariana82

“I like to relax in the spa with lots of bubbles, champagne, candles and a book. Oh did I mention Hubby watching the kids and keeping them out of the bathroom?” – Pretty in pink

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