Celebrity sniff off

Celebrity sniff off

In a smackdown between P.Diddy, Mariah, J.Lo, Britney, Gwen Stefani and SJP, you’d think Mariah would tag team with Diddy and Lopez wouldn’t you? They’d just blind the not-from-the-ghetto girls with their collective bling and get straight on with sipping the Cristal. But when the homeboy called a celebrity ‘smell test’, saying that his new fragrance is ‘better than theirs’, the ladies left him on his own. And Mariah gave him a bitchslap… 

In a move more dangerous than actually agreeing that a bum does indeed look big in that, Puff actually asked female celebrities for a televised smell off to prove that his new fragrance, Sean Jean Unforgivable Woman, is the superior scent.

“I send out a challenge,” he said. “I challenge all of my female counterparts that have fragrances… my fragrance is better than theirs.

“I’m a man and I know how women should smell! I invite them to come out, meet me … and we do it like [the] Pepsi blind taste. We can do it in front of my Sean John store. My fragrance is launching and we can see whose fragrance is better – mine or yours. And the loser has to pay for a shopping spree.”

You’re a man and you know how a woman should smell? Then you should also know that you don’t diss a girl’s perfume, Diddy. You just don’t.

“I heard about this competition, and I wish Puff all the best with his new fragrance, but I think we’re actually appealing to different types of women,” replied Mariah. “M by Mariah Carey is about being unforgettable, not unforgivable. It’s not about a ménage à trois or a one night stand, it’s for the woman who wants the man to fall in love with her immediately, stay in love, and treat her like royalty.”

See how she seemed gracious while suggesting your scent is kinda nasty? See how the other girls politely ignored you, implying that likening fragrance to fizzy drink is just silly? We believe you’d call that a booya, Puffy. Or a bitchslap.

Beautyheaven hasn’t sniffed Unforgivable Woman for ourselves yet (it’s not out in Australia until November 4), so who knows? Maybe Diddy does know a thing or two about the scent of a woman. But it looks like he still needs to learn a little about how we ladies roll, right?

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