Cosy candle scents perfect for winter

Cosy candle scents perfect for winter

Winter weather may not be particularly kind to our skin, our hair, or our hot water bills, but when it comes to downtime, cold weather definitely comes out on top. After all, there are few things more satisfying than watching rain pound down outside from the comfort of your couch (with a glass of red in hand and an enviable Netflix queue, of course). The only thing that could up the cosy quota further would be the mood lighting and scented warmth that comes with a great winter candle. Personally, I’ve always liked leaning in to all the cold weather clichés, opting for spicy, sensual scents from sandalwood to cinnamon, but this season I’ve found that my top candle picks pair the traditional wintry notes we know and love with a little something surprising. Think heady vetiver with a splash of citrus, or smoky patchouli featuring a bouquet of florals – it’s like adding a little caramel to a classic hot chocolate; you’re taking something that’s already amazing and making it even better. These cold-weather candles are sure to ease the chill this winter – trust us, all five wicks are more than worth your while.

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Glasshouse Fragrances Arabian Nights White Oud Triple Scented Candle

With seductive saffron and ambient amber mixed into an enchanting aroma, this woody candle is wintry, chic and utterly captivating. Just when you think you’ve nailed it down as a classic smoky scent, white rose and jasmine emerge, proving that winter candles can still surprise you.


ECOYA Spiced Ginger & Musk Madison Jar

Spice is a serious staple in the cooler months, and boy does this wick deliver on the full-bodied flavoursome front. With a piquant and powerful blend of patchouli, basil and ginger, plus a vividly sweet dash of vanilla, the scent is equal parts classic and current.

Circa Home

Circa Home Pear & Lime Classic Candle

If you didn’t think zest had a place in winter, you’ve never experienced the sensory delights of this scent. It’s a true triple fragrance-family threat, with fresh fruit, hearty vanilla and spicy sandalwood, and you’re bound to burn it time and time again this winter.


L’Occitane Candied Fruits Candle

The name may make it sound like this scent would slot into summer more seamlessly than winter, but the honey-fruit-floral blend delves into heady territory thanks to the addition of patchouli, vanilla and caramel. The unique hexagonal tin also means more scent diffusion and less smoke dispersion – bonus.

Molton Brown

Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Candle

If it’s an intense olfactory experience you’re after, this wick will warm even the iciest of winter evenings. Featuring a cosy combo of coriander, black pepper and vetiver with a fresh twist of bergamot, it’s truly the perfect cold-weather candle companion.

Main image credit: Getty Images Which cold-weather candle scents are you most drawn to? What are your favourite ways to unwind in winter?

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