The calming home fragrances that’ll leave your space smelling serene


We’re feeling a whole lot of things during this era of social distancing, but an overall sense of calm certainly isn’t one of them.

One perk of staying indoors though, is that you have full control over how your space smells – and we’ll bet it’s filled with fragrances a whole lot more pleasant than the train station.

Want to whip up some banana bread or fill your living room with lavender to get the cosy aromas going? We support that. Want to cheat the system by lighting a candle, spritzing a room spray or setting up a diffuser instead? We support that even more.

So if you’re searching for scents to soothe your senses during this stressful time, we’ve rounded up the calming home fragrances bound to get your home smelling serene.

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Buckley & Phillips

Buckley & Phillips Stress Less Room Spray

A spritz of this comforting room spray is bound to relax and delight your senses – it’s formulated with entirely natural ingredients and 100 per cent pure lavender, sage and cinnamon essential oils.

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances A Tahaa Affair – Vanilla Caramel Fragrance Diffuser

Can’t be bothered to bake but still want to enjoy the gourmand aroma of a fresh-from-the-oven batch of sweet treats? Give this vanilla bean, coconut and caramel diffuser a whirl – though we must warn you: cravings are coming.

In Essence

In Essence Relaxation Therapeutic Candle

With a  blend of pure lavender, chamomile and mandarin essential oils designed to calm the senses, relaxation is really your only choice once this bad boy gets burning.


L’OCCITANE Lavender Scented Candle

Need to relax in a flash? Lavender is the OG soothing scent for a reason – it aids in relieving anxiety, reducing agitation and can even help bring about sleep if you want to burn it for an hour while you wind down before bed.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Candle

Few things can calm like a cuppa – ‘I’ll put the kettle on’ is the universally used phrase in difficult scenarios for a reason. This is a comforting cup of tea in candle form, with hints of white tea, tonka bean and warm woods.

Circa Home

Circa Home Limited Edition Sea Salt & Vanilla Fragrance Diffuser

This diffuser was designed to celebrate the magic of mums, and the sea salt, vanilla and nectarine blend smells just about as comforting as a hug from mum feels.


Natio SERENITY Room Spray

A room spray concocted to evoke the experience of visiting a fragrant cottage garden (does that not sound like the most serene thing ever?!), it’s made up of floral and fruity elements of lavender and lemon.

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