Ryan Reynolds says Blake Lively’s beauty prep is intense


With her endless red carpet appearances, we knew Blake Lively must have some serious beauty prep going on.

But I’d always pictured the star sitting in a make-up chair while a team of stylists primped and preened her to perfection – aka living the beauty dream.   

In fact, I thought the only effort required on her part would be to spritz on her favourite perfume before waltzing out the door (she’s said to love DKNY Be Delicous Fresh Blossom and Gucci Premiere EDP, in case you were wondering).

But now Blake’s husband Ryan Reynolds has revealed what goes on behind the scenes – and it couldn’t be more different from what I envisaged!

While Reynolds conceded his wife is “probably the Beyonce of red carpets”, he described his wife’s beauty prep as “an athletic event”, saying, “you guys see the finished product”. 

Sooo… what does he see?

“…a totally destroyed closet, bedroom and kitchen . . . I don’t even know how shoes got in the freezer . . . There’s kung fu involved. It’s really intense.” 

Blake’s beauty prep is not unlike ours, really! Who would’ve thought?!

The hilarious star also revealed that when it comes to parenting, celebs experience the same struggles as us mere mortals.

He revealed parenthood has aged him, “not because you wake up in the middle of the night every five seconds . . . You’re looking at this person and time just starts flying by.”

Naww, Ryan. This makes us love you and your wife even more! 

You can watch the video here (skip to 21:00 for the best part):

Ryan Reynolds on “Self/Less”

What’s your beauty prep like? Are you calm and organised, or a more of a mess like Blake?

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