The best perfumes and perfume notes for spring 2018


Spring is (finally) here! And that means one thing – switching your scent to one with the perfect perfume notes for spring. Not exactly sure how to do that? No worries. We spoke with Chopard Perfumer Dora Baghriche to figure out everything you need to know when choosing the perfect perfume notes for spring and transitioning your everyday perfume for the warmer weather.

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Perfumes that smell more natural or floral are the surefire hits for spring, but Dora has some other suggestions to shake things up a little…

Why should you change what fragrances you’re wearing in the transition from winter to spring?

“Spring is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, of victory on the dark and cold. Writers, singers have always been inspired by this season, so are perfumers,” Dora explains. “Spring is also celebrating joy and love. So we might want to wear not only a new perfume but one that will participate to this general return of light like the last fragrances I have created: Happy Chopard Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci.”

What fragrance families should you gravitate towards in spring?

“There are no rules, but you might want to explore a great floral, a citrus fresh, a woody note, olfactive families referring to nature,” says Dora.

What perfumes notes are perfect for spring?

“Any note that allows you to live the experience of this happy transition from freeze to bloom! Fresh floral notes obviously but also green notes, soft woody notes, even earthy notes, spring is also about texture: spring is crispy, juicy, crunchy and punchy!” Dora says.

What should people who don’t like traditional floral spring fragrances do?

“There are many alternatives, for any season the right fragrance is like the right lover, the one that makes you feel good!” Dora explains.

How should you switch up your scents for spring?

It doesn’t have to just be about the perfume notes. You can also wear a lighter variant of your favourite fragrance! “It can be both. Playing on notes variation or playing on the volume. Both can give you a new olfactive experience,” says Dora.

Our spring perfume picks…

So…? White Petals Body Mist

This beautiful body mist is a blend of refreshing floral notes of bergamot, freesia and waterlily.

Find out more about So…? White Petals Body Mist >

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Florale

This light, fresh and fruity fragrance focuses on the sweet scent of the Osmanthus flower. 

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Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Sublime Water

This gentle scented water is a light and feminine fragrance that can be used on hair and the body.

Find out more about Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Sublime Water >

Mary Kay® Cityscape™ Cologne Spray

This light cologne spray is a perfect scent for men this spring 2018! Notes of Italian bergamot, French lavender, whiskey barrel accord, orange flower, cedarwood and Mediterranean rockrose make it crisp yet masculine.

Find out more about Mary Kay® Cityscape™ Cologne Spray >

Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Eau de Toilette

With notes of raspberry, peach contrast, jasmine, Osmanthus, Labdanum and musk, this feminine fragrance is the perfect spring blend of fruity and floral.

Find out more about Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose Eau de Toilette >

Chopard HAPPY Felicia Roses Eau de Parfum

100mL, $185, Available at David Jones

This feel-good fragrance features notes of red and purple berries, pink grapefruit, fresh spices, blackcurrant, roses, geranium, ylang-ylang and tonka bean. Perfect for spring!

Coach Eau de Parfum

This fun, fruity and floral oriental scent features notes of raspberry, creamy Turkish roses and suede musk.

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Adidas Ice Dive Eau de Toilette

This cool and crisp citrus fragrance is ideal for men in warmer weather! It blends notes of Kiwi lavender, mandarin orange, yuzu, mint, grapefruit, anise, bergamot, sandalwood, patchouli, geranium, tonka bean, musk, vanilla, pepper and ambergris.

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Silver Scent Pure Eau de Toilette

This crisp and zesty men’s fragrance oozes masculinity. Inspired by New York’s skyscrapers and the street network of the 1940s, this scent features notes of granny smith, grapefruit, mint leaf, bergamot, cardamom, orange blossom, lavender, nutmeg, teak wood, guaiac wood, musk and patchouli.

Find out more about Silver Scent Pure Eau de Toilette >

What perfumes do you wear in spring? What perfume notes are your favourite?

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