The best diffusers for a next-level night’s sleep


No longer solely celebrated as a time machine to breakfast, a good night’s sleep is now heralded as the ultimate wellness win. It makes sense; sleep plays a massive role in your physical and cognitive health, not to mention your skin’s appearance. And seeing as we’re all extremely committed to vitality (and a megawatt glow), we’re also equally as devoted to ensuring our eight hours are as blissful and beneficial as possible. Sight and sound aren’t the only senses that affect your sleep, though – smell plays a part as well. Yep, even if you’re following the evening ritual rules by limiting light and nixing noise, you can still take your bedtime regime to the next level with the addition of a fragrance. In fact, some scents are scientifically proven to promote relaxation, improve sleep quality and even ease insomnia. But no, we’re not suggesting you try to drift off from within a heavy cloud of perfume or with a lit candle atop your bedside table (a definite fire hazard) – a diffuser is the perfect overnight option. It’ll evenly disperse scent, delicately fragrancing the space without disrupting your slumber. Here’s our edit of divine diffusers to help deliver the ultimate night’s sleep – you’ll be headed to a vanilla-scented dreamland in no time. Sleep tight.

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Molton Brown

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Aroma Reeds

Surprisingly, sandalwood is a superstar scent when it comes to sleep. In fact, it actually has an ancient history of aiding relaxation and relieving anxiety, as the rich, earthy fragrance it gives off has sedative effects that help to reduce wakefulness and limit the amount of restless REM sleep you experience throughout the evening.


ECOYA Vanilla Bean Diffuser

A fragrance famous for promoting relaxation, vanilla works to stabilise your heart rate, simultaneously reducing stress and enhancing calm. This delicately-scented diffuser mixes vanilla with creamy butterscotch to create a blend that will send you straight to sleep whilst also combatting those pesky late-night sugar cravings.

In Essence

In Essence ie: Sleep Pack

If you’re serious about nailing this whole sleep thing, this calming pack is the ultimate option. With an essential oil blend specifically designed to relieve sleeplessness and a therapeutic diffuser that uses ultrasonic wave technology to perfectly vaporise the scent, it’ll have you nodding off in no time.

Circa Home

Circa Home 1980 Fresh Linen Diffuser

What better scent to fall asleep to than one made to match the sheets you’re snoozing in? Crisp linen smells as divine as it feels, and the sleep-inducing scent is bound to instantly transform your bedroom into the ultimate restful retreat. We must warn you though; leaving your bed in the morning will be twice as hard (though the night time will be twice as heavenly).

Glasshouse Fragrances

Glasshouse Fragrances Amalfi Coast Sea Mist Triple Strength Fragrance Diffuser

Lavender and lime together? Insomnia doesn’t stand a chance. It’s no secret lavender is the ultimate unwinder, as it has a calming effect on our nervous system that helps to ease anxiety and stabilise mood, but, add lime into the mix and the citrus scent will work to sharpen your cognitive function in time for the A.M. whilst the lavender keeps your body relaxed overnight.

Do you like to fall asleep in a scented space? What smells do you like for relaxation?

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