6 of the best deodorants and antiperspirants

6 of the best deodorants and antiperspirants

Looking for a new deodorant? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the best antiperspirants that promise to neutralise and eliminate bad odours while keeping your skin nourished and clothes clean. 

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From natural deodorant to clinical strength formulas, here are some of the best deodorants and antiperspirants on the market…

QV Naked Deodorant Spray

We say: This five star rated aluminium-free deodorant uses Biosorb ™ crystals to control odour-causing bacteria while being a gentle alternative for those with sensitive skin.

You say: “I LOVE that this is fragrance free! It doesn’t irritate my skin either and there’s no white marks left on the clothes after wear.A life saver (and clothes saver) deodorant for me” – Sailormoon

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A’kin Geranium & Cedarwood Natural Roll-On Deodorant

We say: This natural, 100 per cent vegan roll-on deodorant works by slowing down odour-causing bacteria and providing all-day protection, even after exercise. 

You say: “It does an amazing job of preventing odour no matter how much I sweat. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who are after a clean and natural product to help keep their underarms odour free and fresh.” – Miss19

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Weleda Sage Deodorant

We say: Eliminate body odour with this refreshing, uni-sex, herbal scent. It’s formulated with no aluminium salts or sulphates to support the body’s natural detoxification process while neutralising unpleasant odours.

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Dove Pear and Aloe Vera Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

We say: This dermatologically tested formula is ideal for 24-hour protection against sweating, odour and wetness. It also contains moisturising cream to help nourish delicate armpit skin.

You say: “It’s ultra moisturising on the underarms and smells so fresh. I find that it really does last throughout the day and helps with odour, especially when going to the gym or working out.” – Ash Campagna

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Mitchum Clinical Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Pure Fresh

We say: Control perspiration with Mitchum’s clean and refreshing scent, containing aloe and vitamin E to soothe and condition skin for everyday use.

You say: “I am in love with this antiperspirant, it does wonders to your body. I love the fresh scent it gives you all day long” – mzz-sabby

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Garnier Mineral Deodorant

We say: This dermatologically tested formula from Garnier allows the skin to breathe while fighting humidity and odour. It 48hr protection and is specifically designed for intense perspiration from heat, stress and sports.

You say: “Bottle claims 48hr non-stop protection, but can’t say I have ever tested it out for that long, but it keeps me fresh all through my workout and I am pretty happy with the performance.” – Duality

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  1. My favourite cream stick roll on unfortunately got discontinued. It was the Nivea Stress Protect in a wind up cream formula – but was never, ever sticky and kept me dry and free of white marks all day and night! Now they've changed it to a sticky roll on, roller ball one which is horrible! If I ever see the original one in a random pharmacy, I stock up on at least 10! That's how good it was! Since then, I've tried many other drugstore brands which are all sticky, don't dry, leave powder and marks behind… just awful! I don't understand why the best products always get discontinued. Most of the "anti white mark" ones are complete lies. I wear only black and dark colours, and they definitely leave white marks on everything, even my bras… that Garnier Mineral one is the only decent spray on one I've found which doesn't have this problem. Unfortunately I can only get it at Chemist Warehouse unlike Dove, Rexona etc. So whenever I go there I stock up. Let's hope it doesn't get discontinued too. They used to have a bigger range (different scents) but now I'm lucky to find the one… I'm tired of wasting money on horrible deodorants… if anyone knows of any like the one I described, please let me know. I don't trust the reviews because I've tested these myself.

  2. I have my father's sweaty genes, I hate it…but…I found the rexona clinical protection summer strength works best for me. The turn the bottom and cream comes out the top one. I use it every night before I go to bed, and it works so well that I don't have to worry if a forget a day or two. I used to be so embarrassed by the sweat marks on all my clothes.

  3. My partner and I are very sweaty. He likes aluminium free as he finds that other deodorants would stain his shirts when he would sweat. He doesn't have that issue now that he has swapped. I still use aluminium based deodorants as I just sweat so much and get stinky with more of the natural brands.

  4. Black Chicken Axilla Cream Deodorant is what I've been using for years now – effective and natural. Messy for some to apply (with fingers) but I have a Akin Natural Spray Deodorant as well in case I go somewhere and don't want to use the cream.

    Some people can't tolerate this cream deodorant (due to the bicarb soda) including my daughter and they have produced one for sensitive skin called Barrier Boost – my daughter has uses it, but didn't find it effective and I've used it and also don't find it as effective as their Original formula.

  5. I really do love the dove one but switch from that to nivea roll on and rexona spray depending on the smell and clothing I prefer on the day, seems to last all very similar.

  6. Out if these I've tried the QV, but the roll on and it's great in the cooler months, but doesn't cut it in the warm weather for me. I really like No Pong and Fresca, both are very good in the hot months.

  7. I like to alternate my deodorants so have several. I find if I use the same one all the time it loses its effectiveness. Like someone else commented I like Rexona's Sexy Bouquet and another I really like using is the Norsca Alluminium free one.

  8. My fave deo: micellar water! Yup. Discovered when I use micellar (just a wipe there), I stay fresh all day! Have travel sized mini bottle and a reusable pad in my bag when if need it.

  9. Garnier Mineral Deodorant! Unfortunately can only be found in Chemist Warehouse, so I always stock up on it. Also, my fave roll on – Nivea Antiperspirant Roll on (cream one which sadly has been discontinued). I tried other roll on but they’re all sticky!

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