Celebrity fragrances from the last decade we’re loving right now

Celebrity fragrances from the last decade we’re loving right now

If we were to write a list of things we’re grateful to Britney Spears for, it would be long. The ‘Baby One More Time’ dance routine, her film debut Crossroads (iconic and yet underrated) and of course, the infamous double denim look (shoutout to her Canadian tuxedo wearing accomplice, Justin Timberlake).

But we also have her to thank for the meteoric rise of celebrity fragrances – ‘Curious’ and ‘Fantasy’ set the celeb scent world alight, and suddenly it was way cooler to be wearing a Brit scent than a designer drop. And while we’re still spritzing all the nostalgic 90s perfumes, the 2010-now era has also sprouted some real gems.

We’re taking you all the way from when Katy blessed us with ‘California Gurls’ (can you believe that was almost a decade ago?!) to now in 2019 (or as we affectionately refer to it, the year Ariana released ‘Thank U, Next’ and we mentally re-filed our questionable exes as ‘blessings in disguise’ as a result). Enjoy.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry Purr

Released: 2010

Katy Perry released this feline fragrance off the back of the revelation that her cat was named Kitty Purry (purr-e genius). Despite the kitty-inspired name and bottle, the scent inside is a super summery peach, apple and coconut concoction. In fact, a single whiff transports us back to the summer of 2010, aka the infamous season of ‘California Gurls’.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Girlfriend ($14.99, chemistwarehouse.com.au)

Released: 2012

The Biebs has now graduated from boyfriend to husband but that doesn’t mean we’re not still spritzing Girlfriend like it’s 2012. Are we happy for he and Hailey? Yeah, sure, whatever. Did we spend their wedding night doused in this sweet strawberry, apricot and vanilla orchid delight listening to ‘That Should Be Me’ on a loop? We’d rather not say.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Fame EDP ($58.95, cosmeticsnow.com.au)

Released: 2012

Gaga’s eau was everything we expected from her extremely edgy ‘The Fame’ era. She first announced it was designed to smell just like her blood (we’ll pass), but she ended up opting for a slightly safer blend of apricot, iris and incense (though she did include poisonous belladonna flower to dial up the danger). The juice itself was even black in colour, because, well, it’s Gaga.


Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid

Released: 2014

Beyoncé once said “the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence”. Well, this exotic eau is confidence in fragrance form – we’d give it a 12/10 score for sensuality. It also takes you on an olfactory journey that reflects Bey’s own evolution – it starts sweet but sassy (like the Destiny’s Child days) with coconut and honeysuckle, uses pomegranate and boysenberry to up the irresistibility ante (Crazy in Love, anyone?), and then wraps up with a fiery and fearless mix of amber and musk (hellooo, Lemonade).


RiRi Crush by Rihanna EDP Spray ($24.99, chemistwarehouse.com.au)

Released: 2016

Our RiRi crushes were obviously well established by the time this gem hit shelves (Umbrella well and truly sealed the deal), but it didn’t hurt matters either. A mysterious mix that opens with ylang ylang and rose, and rounds out with pink pepper and patchouli, it’s a scent-ual interpretation of Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad era.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Enduring Glow

Released: 2018

There’s no doubt that J-Lo is the queen of glow – but as her recent stroll down memory lane (AKA the Milan Fashion Week runway) in that iconic green Versace number proved, said glow is 110 per cent enduring – so she gets full marks in the fragrance name game too. We bet that in another twenty years, this scent will be as classic as the dress, thanks to its flirty cocktail of lychee, peony and Jen’s all-time fave fragrance note, sandalwood.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Thank U, Next

Released: 2019

With a bottle emerging from heartbreak just as triumphantly as Ari herself, this eau was designed to match her mega-anthem of the same name. As for the juice inside, it’ll teach you love (the raspberry-rose-coconut combo is easy to fall for), it’ll teach you patience (hints of musk and macaron sugar don’t come out until it dries down), and it’ll teach you pain (when it runs out – restock ASAP). Thank U Next, we’re so f*%cking grateful for this scent.

Main image credit: Getty ImagesWhich celeb scent is your fave?

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  1. I love J.Lo's Miami Glow. It was a favourite of mine in 2006 and I recently rediscovered it. Not only is it a gorgeous summery scent in a beautiful bottle, but it transports me back to those days.

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