4 reasons to use rollerball fragrances

4 reasons to use rollerball fragrances

It’s no secret that at bh HQ we looove a good fragrance, but when there are so many on offer, keeping up with the latest release can become a rather expensive habit to keep.

The good news? It’s likely your favourite fragrance comes in more than just spritz-form.

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Rollerball fragrances are the little sister version, which can be easily popped into your handbag and won’t cost you half your week’s wage. But being a no-brainer alternative to your big name fragrances is not all they’re good for. Here are four reasons to go pro-rollerball:

They’re portable…

Going somewhere? Rollerballs are ideal for travel because they’re easily transportable. Non-spill and small enough to fit in your handbag, throw three in and you’ll have just as many scent options as outfits for your getaway. Not to mention zero risk of having it spill through your bag. Michael Edwards, founder of Fragrances of the World, says if you’re taking a fragrance with you on a trip, “never decant it into a smaller plastic flask, because the plastic may react with the fragrance” and to “pack a smaller sample of the fragrance instead”. Case in point.

bh loves: Kiehl’s Musk Essence Oil Portable, DKNY Be Delicious Rollerball, Clinique Happy Rollerball, Bobbi Brown Beach Rollerball, Giorgio Armani Si Rollerball, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rollerball, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Rollerball

They’re easy on the wallet (and eyes)…

Most rollerballs range from $10 to $20, which isn’t too bad for a designer fragrance. Not sure you want to take the $100 plunge for a bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium? Take the rollerball version for a test run before committing to the real deal. Plus, they’re just as pretty as their bigger counterparts, which makes it a totally justifiable purchase.

They target pulse points…

Try as you might, when you spritz, you’re bound to use excess. But with rollerballs, you can focus on applying the scent directly onto pulse points, like these five unconventional spots, where the heat from your body will activate the scent more intensely, and ensure your scent lasts.

bh loves: philosophy Amazing Grace Rollerball, Marc Jacobs DOT Rollerball, Chloé EDP Rollerball, Estée Lauder Modern Muse Rollerball, Carven Le Parfum Rollerball

They’re economical…

According to Michael, “Once a fragrance has been opened it should be used,” because after around six months, it’ll start to deteriorate. When you think about it, most women have at least three perfumes in their fragrance collection, so the chances of getting through all three before they start to turn is pretty unlikely. Switch to rollerballs however, and you’ll have no trouble getting through 10mL.

Do you own any rollerball fragrances? Tell us your favourites below!

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