Benefits of unisex perfume


If you’re a beauty product queen like myself, then chances are you’re facing the same dilemma that I am at the moment: desperate lack of dresser space.

My dressing table is crowded with at least three types of illuminators, two different foundations (one for summer, one for winter), about a million glosses and lipsticks and just about every skincare product that’s been released in the last five years (I am a slight skincare junkie).

So as you can imagine, when I first heard about unisex perfumes, I was immediately intrigued. A fragrance that we could both wear? This would certainly help in my quest to reclaim a patch of dresser space. But was it a case of too good to be true? I set about finding out…

What is unisex perfume?
As it turns out, unisex perfume is a relatively new trend that came about as a response to changing gender roles in our modern society. Rather than pigeonholing people into the moulds created by scent-specific perfume for men and perfume for women, perfume companies are starting to branch out and create a hybrid breed of androgynous fragrances.

Come on, is this for real?
Ok, so my first question was: ‘You mean to tell me that my man can wear my perfume and not smell all girly? And I can wear his and not smell like a bloke?’ (ok, so I snuck in two questions, but I was really perplexed!). The answer is not entirely straightforward, but basically, the way these fragrances work is that they contain very neutral, subtle notes which react differently to different bodies – so your unisex fragrance will smell differently on you and your man.

Which unisex perfumes really work?
After some arduous trialling sessions (working in beauty can be such a hard job), we’ve managed to find a few front-runners here at Beauty Heaven. In no particular order, our faves are: Dolce and Gabbana perfume and ck One. Lush’s Breath of God solid perfume stick also works well doing double duty as a gender-all-rounder.

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