17 life-changing ways to store your beauty

17 life-changing ways to store your beauty

Does your bathroom look like it exploded thanks to the obscene amount of beauty products you own? We feel you.

Even the smallest amount of beauty loot can make a bathroom look cluttered, and if you’re a self-confessed beauty junkie just like us, you’ll certainly have more than your fair share of products. To keep things clean, tidy, organised and in good nick, here are 17 ways to solve that overflowing beauty cupboard issue. Who knew a bread pan could be so useful?!

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1. Use a spice rack as a shelf for your perfume

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2. Display pretty fragrances on a cake stand

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3. Arrange your daily beauty products on a rotating spice rack for accessibility

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4. Use a sunglass case to store your make-up brushes when travelling

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5. Hang your hair tools on hooks on the inside of a cabinet door

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6. Use a hanging shoe organiser to store your hair brushes and products

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7. Save space by stacking products on a wine rack

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8. Use bread pans to neatly organise smaller beauty products inside a drawer

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9. Use an ice tray to store your single eyeshadow pots

image via lorensworld.com

10. Adhere velcro or magnets to the back of your make-up and stick them to a board

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11. Repurpose candle holders to store cotton swabs or make-up brushes

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12. Store nail polishes in a glass cookie jar

image via trusper.com

13. Keep your bobby pins in one place by sticking them to a magnetic strip

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14. Ensure your brushes stay clean and in good condition by standing them up in a jar. You can also create labels and separate them by type, too

image via cutediyprojects.com

15. Store your hair tools inside a decorative magazine holder

image via fashionistabudget.com

16. Hang your make-up products in a jewellery organiser

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17. Stack your hair ties on the neck of a wine bottle

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What other storage hacks do you have for your beauty wardrobe?

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