Our biggest beauty sins, confessed!


Okay, it’s confession time. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of being naughty from time to time – when it comes to our beauty routine, that is!

The best way to break a bad habit is to first identify the problem, so with that in mind, welcome to our confession session. We’re revealing our beauty sins… Promise you won’t judge?

I’m a major spot picker – gross and shameful.” – Whit

bh tip: If you’re gonna do it, do it right
try:Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Emergency Spot Fix, Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me! Treatment

“In winter I get lazy, and don’t shave my legs as often – I’m wearing pants most of the time anyway. The result? An unhappy boyfriend!”
– Mel

bh tip: Just take it… he won’t mind
try:Nad’s Moisturising Hair Removal Créme, Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream Sensitive

“I have no patience for knotty hair so I’ll often just rip it out or hack at it with a brush. And I’ll do this all while it’s wet.” – Sam

bh tip: You just broke commandment number 9. Tut tut. Let’s talk about redeeming yourself…
try:ghd detangling comb, Lady Jayne Two-Tone Detangling Comb

“I often just put sunscreen on my face and not my body from pure laziness and because I want to get a better tan on my body!” – Yelena

bh tip:Rain, hail or shine, slather up.
try:ModelCo Natural Tan Lotion

“I sleep in my make-up sometimes… saying it out loud makes me feel so ashamed.” – Astrid

bh tip:No. More. Excuses.
try: Johnson’s Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes

“I’ve been a biter my whole life, which is not ideal for someone working in the beauty industry. The only way to stop me from chewing all day long is having acrylic nails.” – Kate

bh tip:Why you should stop biting your nails. Now.
try:Revitanail Stop Bite & Protect

“I dry shave my legs alllll the damn time” – Carli

bh tip:Number 11 – works like a charm.
try:Human + Kind All In One Conditioner, Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Conditioner, ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner

“In a pinch, I’ve tried to get away with wearing dry shampoo two days in a row. Note to self: it doesn’t work! Just suck it up and wash your hair.” – Katia

bh tip:But how often?
try:philosophy cinnamon buns shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath (three for the price of one!)

“Sometimes when I’m in a rush, I have an apple or chew gum in the morning instead of brushing my teeth. I know, it’s gross!” – Beth

bh tip:Check yourself before you wreck yourself
try:Aveda Peppymint Breath Refresher, Sensodyne® Gentle Mouthwash

“I do not regularly (or at all) cleanse my skin before bed. My conscience says wash, but my eyes say sleeeep.” – Di

bh tip:Eat. Sleep. Cleanse. Repeat.
try:Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser

“I’ll remove all my make-up but leave my eye make-up on. I know it’s not good for my lashes, but I love the smudgy eye look I get the day after.”
– Yelena

bh tip: Did someone say, panda eye?
try:Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Clinique Rinse Off Eye Make-up Solvent

“If I’m late and don’t have time for a shower, I’ll spray myself with a ton of perfume and just hope for the best.” – Astrid

bh tip: Bet you didn’t know you could spray your perfume here, am I right?
try:Bobbi Brown Bath Fragrance. That counts as washing, surely.

“Going to bed straight after I’ve applied fake tan, even though it ruins my white sheets Every. Single. Time.” – Caitlin

bh tip: Footnote: We never promised to protect the sheets
try: Need to be bronzed like, right now? Use ModelCo SUPERTAN Instant Self Tan

“I pick off my nail polish if it starts to chip. Instant regret.” – Deb

bh tip: You wouldn’t pick ‘em if they looked this good.
try:Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover, essence Nail Polish Remover Pen, OPI Chip Skip

Are there any beauty sins you need to get off your chest?

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  1. I think I have been guilty of a couple of these over the course of my life. We live and learn sometimes. I used to like the smudgy look the morning after wearing mascara, in my younger days.

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