Beauty products uncovered: October 2018

Beauty products uncovered: October 2018

Got a hankering for some new beauty? Us too, as per usual. But we’re not looking to stock up on our #empties – we’re feeling something fresh, how about you?

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If you’re the same, read on because we’ve dug up five killer beauty products, as rated by our members, that you might’ve missed. Credit cards at the ready…

Bump eRaiser Zesty Antibacterial Wash

“I often struggled with ingrown hairs, sometimes on my legs but EVERY SINGLE TIME on my bikini line. I got so sick of it so I tried this out with the hope it would help and it did. No ingrown hairs. NONE AT ALL. I felt clean and the tea tree didn’t sting which is important to me, and it doesn’t have that strong tea tree smell so for me that was another big tick.” – bh member Jackie Mellor

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1000 Hour Hair Color Mascaras

“I purchased one of these in shade Dark Brown to cover up annoying regrowth. This product does the job perfectly. Styled like a regular mascara wand, the product is brushed over visible greys, making them instantly disappear. And they stay disappeared all day long, with shade Dark Brown perfectly matching my brunette hair colour. I love it’s portability, and ease of use – a great product, I’ll be buying it again.”  – bh member Linda_Vesinger

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Rapid White Tooth Whitening 1 Week Tooth Whitening System

“I have never really believed in products like these, but one day thought I would give it a go. Well what great success that was! I found my teeth to be whiter and brighter within a day of using the treatment. I found the best part of this product was how easy it was to use, it’s a fantastic product if your wanting you teeth a few shades brighter and whiter, this product is an all-round win!” – bh member Effie1993

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Mitchum Clinical No White Marks – Cool Fresh Lightly Scented

“Bless this product! It is absolutely insane! Pretty much every single antiperspirant I’ve ever tried claims to protect you for 48hrs, but in reality they last less than 20 minutes and your underarms are once again soaked and the sweat goes right through your shirt for the world to see. Well this antiperspirant actually does it! I never get sweat patches when I’m using this. I also don’t get any irritation or discomfort from using this.” – bh member kellyrox

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SKIN DOCTORS™ relaxaderm™

“This is a white cream which spreads with ease over and into my skin. I’ve been spreading it just around my eye and on my mouth lines and wrinkles and I can definitely say it really does relax my lines! It seems to plump my skin almost instantly. Like with the other Skin Doctors products I’ve used or sampled I have been very impressed with. It has a ‘scent’ that speaks ‘serious cosmeceuticals’ – it means business for wrinkles. This does what it promises to do: plump out lines from the inside. This seems to make them look like they’ve disappeared off my face! I would like a full size container so I can spread it all over my face and watch it get firmer & smoother! I can totally see that would happen with this cream.” – bh member clearcrystalwater

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Have you written a review for a product that you think is underrated? We’d love to know! Please include the link to the bh product listing in the comments section below.

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