A Complete Guide to Ariana Grande Perfumes


With Ariana Grande completely dominating 2019, it’s no surprise that her perfumes are still some of the most sought-after celebrity fragrances on the market. 

The pop star launched her first fragrance, self-titled ARI, in 2015 and has since added five more perfumes to her line.

All five of her fragrances have recieved rave reviews from perfume-lovers everywhere, including our very own beautyheaven members!

Here’s a complete guide to Ariana Grande perfumes, including what our members have to say about these unique fragrances!

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ARI by Ariana Grande

This fruity fragrance opens with a mixture of pear, pink grapefruit, and raspberry. It features heart notes of soft muguet, rose buds, and vanilla orchid, with basenotes of marshmallow, creamy musk and blonde woods.

You say: “This bottle not only has a cute style, but the perfume itself contains a beautiful sweet smell for any occasion! I prefer to wear the smell for a night out just because it’s too good to wear as an every day work perfume! Although I should just buy more as it is amazing to wear day or night!! Would highly recommend if you love smelling sweet! The smell is also not over powering!” – Gayle781

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Ariana Grande CLOUD

This fruity, floral scent opens with lavender blossom, pear, and bergamot. The heartnotes feature creme de coconut, praline and vanilla orchid, while musk and creamy wood fade out to create a seductive, cashmere-like feeling.

You say: “I am a big fan of this sweet, floral perfume. After the longest time avoiding celebrity perfumes, I happened to spray a tester of this and loved the way it developed after a few hours. The scent lasts so well on me which I was surprised given how affordable it is.” – beauty_by_hm

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Ariana Grande Frankie

This unisex fragrance is a musky scent named after Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie. It features top notes of pink pepper, pearl, and apricot, heart notes of cedar wood and wild orchid, and basenotes of sandalwood, musk, and sugar crystals.

You say: “The fragrance is really Spicey and musky and I couldn’t stop smelling my sample. When I googled the perfume the web stated that it’s actually a unisex fragrance and then it all made sense, I liked it because it reminds me of Million by Paco Rabane that my husband wears and it smells divine. It’s not completely the same but has similar base notes and I just think it’s beautiful. Needless to say once I told hubby that it was unisex he insisted we share it. Lol. A great scent and I’m surprised it’s by a celebrity!” – Karlie 361

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Ariana Grande Moonlight

Ariana Grande Moonlight comes in a holographic bottle and features notes of rich black currant and plum that fades into heart of fluffy marshmallow and peony. It ends with a touch of sandalwood, black amber and sensual vanilla.

You say: “First off the iridescent purple faceted glass bottle is absolutely gorgeous!! And the detachable quality made purple pom pom doubles as an accessory you can use on yourself as an accessory or on something else like stationary This is a very lovely sweet, light and juicy scent. It’s perfect to wear at anytime but I would pin it as more of a great scent for the afternoon and night time. It has great staying power.” – jazlovestoskate

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Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

This women’s fragrance smells of berries and vanilla. It features top notes of sugar frosted blackberries, bergamot, cassis cream, and fluffy marshmallow accord. It ends off with vanilla and precious woods.

You say: “On myself there is an initial hit of syrupy red berries and it settles down into a more sweeter vibe of marshmallow and pear – totally don’t notice any of the more serious notes that it is supposed to have (amber, musk and cashmere wood) which is a pity as it would have given it a bit more sophistication.” – duality

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