Beauty products that were big in the 90s


“If you wanna be me lover…”

If you just sang the next line to that song in your head, then you’re really going to enjoy this blog.

The 90s was a magical time for music, fashion, celebrities and of course; beauty. If you ever tried to mimic Scary Spice’s baby buns or took a photo of Jennifer Aniston in to show the hairdresser, then I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. But while we have to be content with replays and repeats of the Spice Girls and Friends, some of your favourite beauty memories are still well and truly alive today.  Long live the 90s!

Lip Smackers

You owned every flavour ever made but always had a favourite that would constantly run out and require repurchase. And if you were really dedicated, you ordered them according to the rainbow. Today, it’s all about the soft drink flavours.

Butterfly Clips

The only way to hold back your hair, except of course for the two bits that were left out to frame your face.  You may have grown up since then, but your daughter will love accessorising with these.

Crimped Hair

If it was good enough for Christina and Britney, it was good enough for you. There was no need to crimp your whole hair either, a few sections here and there while the rest lay dead straight was possibly the coolest thing ever. And you can do it all again using the VS Sassoon Total Crimp.

Impulse Body Sprays

Everybody had their own signature scent and spraying it four times a day was essential (before school, recess, lunch and after school, obviously). My scent was Goddess, because I was one. And even though it’s been a few years, it’s still my favourite.

Body Glitter

Shining bright like a diamond was a thing way before Rihanna entered the scene. And you can still get you sparkle on usingHello Kitty Diamond Stars Roll On. 

The Body Shop Born Lippy

Buying a present for a birthday party was never easier. It was all about hand-picking a gift basket from The Body Shop, and if you included their favourite flavour of Born Lippy, you’d nailed it.

What is your favourite beauty memory from the 90s? Did you know that the above products were still available today?

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