5 tips to make your perfume last longer

5 tips to make your perfume last longer

Do you apply perfume in the morning, only to find the scent has disappeared by the time you get to work? Do you go through bottles of perfume like you do fresh towels due to using more than your fair share to ensure you still smell good at the end of the day? If you answered yes to either of these questions, there’s a good chance you aren’t doing everything you can to maximise your scent. We’ve found the best tips to make sure your scent lasts all day.

#1 Apply it properly

Scents are activated and intensified through body heat. For long-lasting results, apply your perfume on various pulse points over your body. Pulse points are places on the body where the heart rate can be felt through blood vessels lying close to the skin. The warmth of these vessels makes them prime spots to apply perfume so that it lasts all day. Pulse points include the temple, below the ear lobe, at the base of the throat, inside the wrist and elbow, and behind the knee. 

Keep in mind that in winter, perfume has to diffuse through layers of clothing. It is best to choose pulse points that remain exposed – such as your neck or wrists – to ensure that your scent doesn’t get lost. 

#2 Don’t rub those wrists

Yes, you read that right. After applying perfume to the pulse points on the inside of your wrists, leave them alone. Do not rub them together. Rubbing breaks down the molecules in perfume, which means the scent can morph into something different or disappear completely.

#3 Layer it up

Applying perfume on well-moisturised skin is important. The alcohol base in perfume evaporates more quickly on dry skin than it does on well-moisturised skin. Apply a body oil or moisturiser before you apply perfume so that the moisturising oils trap the notes and help them last all day.

For an even longer-lasting scent, use a moisturiser that matches your favourite perfume. Many perfume lines include shower gels and body lotions. Using several different products with the same scent will ensure your fragrance lasts all day. You can even keep a miniature or solid version of your perfume in your handbag and touch up throughout the day.

#4 Choose the right scent

The type of perfume you use makes a difference on how long it lasts. Although more expensive, eau de parfum is a good investment as it is more potent and requires less application than eau du toilette. Eau de toilette is less potent and tends to fade quickly. 

To ensure your perfume lasts all day, choose an eau de parfum with strong base notes. Citrus-based fragrances tend to disappear quickly, while musk and woody-based fragrances last longer.

#5 Keep it cool

Light and heat can affect how long your perfume lasts. Be sure to store your perfume in cool, dry conditions and out of direct sunlight so it doesn’t expire before it should. It is best to keep your perfume out of the bathroom, as the steam from the shower will affect the shelf life of your bottle. Keep it on your dresser in your bedroom for best results.

Have you tried any of the above tips before? Do you have any other tips to make your perfume last longer?

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