5 fragrances to change any mood

5 fragrances to change any mood

If you’re a girl you probably have a larger range of moods than any colour-changing mood ring can handle.

Sometimes we’re sad; sometime we’re irritable; sometimes an episode of the Kardashians can make us cry; and sometimes we’re bouncing around with some serious spring in our step – for no real rhyme or reason. But it’s changing these moods to fit the way we’d like to feel can be the tough part.

Utilising fragrance is a great way to help you start feeling the way you want to feel, faster. If you’re looking to feel sexy, empowered, or happier even, the right fragrance can seriously deliver. Discover the scents that you can use to help you alter your mood…

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“Hey there Boss, I’ll be taking that pay rise that I clearly deserve.” It’d be good to have that kind of confident mojo in our system all the time, wouldn’t it? It’d mean having the self-belief to know our worth and stand up for ourselves. If you’re after a perfume that can help you feel more empowered, you need to search for a scent that has good lasting power and identifiable strength and projection. Look for fragrances of a floral/oriental nature that contain notes of neroli, sandalwood or any strong floral notes that appeal to you.

TRY: Dolce & Gabbana Intense, $99, (02) 9695 5678 (Available November 3 2013)


Finding a scent that can boost how sexy you feel in your skin is the equivalent of finding a piece of lingerie that boosts your best assets and makes you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. And perfume can be just as powerful when it comes to getting you in the mood, too. Look for a scent that’s a little sweet, a lot feminine, and features a little something extra that really stands out. A lone oriental note among a fruity or floral bouquet is a great way to feel like you’re set to capture your erm… audience. Scents that contain notes like sparkling champagne, pink pepper and sheer musk will also really help you slip into character.

TRY: Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush

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When you ask many people where their ‘happy’ place is, my guess is almost all would answer, ‘the beach’. Why? Because for many people, the beach is an oasis and a getaway from everyday life, and simply being there makes them happy. Likewise, food makes people happy – especially when they’re sad. Instead of reaching for a sugary snack, you could reach for a fragrance that features scrumptious notes that hit the spot instead. Notes like vanilla, caramel and mandarin. Team those with notes that remind people of being at the beach – like coconut milk, for instance – and you’re onto a serious happiness-boosting juice.

TRY: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche SkinScent

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Which mood do you often find yourself stuck in? What are your top tips to change it?

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