5 fragrances to change any mood – part two

5 fragrances to change any mood – part two


Girly girls, rejoice! There are so many scents that can help to play up our girly nature that it’s almost too hard to choose just one. If you’re looking for a perfume that expresses just how feminine you are, you need to look for a scent that contains a mix of fruity and floral notes like grapefruit, wild rose and peach (just to name a few!)

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We all lead stressful, busy lives and sometimes it takes more than a cup of tea to get us to really relax. What you need is a fragrance that follows you around and presents a calming atmosphere through harmonising perfume notes. If you’re looking for a scent to take you to place of ‘zen’ when you’re anything but, look for ones that contain soothing notes such as patchouli and ylang ylang, as well as orange and lemongrass to keep you alert, but relaxed.

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